Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Celtics deny their interest in transferring to Rondo

Just learned that the 'lockout' was completed and began the era of the NBA rumor mill. High, low, exchanges ... Everyone is capable of seeing your name on any rumors or transfer.

One of the more impact it has had is that Rajon Rondo puts New Orleans in exchange for one of the stars of the market, Chris Paul. The basis of the Hornets will become a free agent next summer and there are many teams that have knocked on his door to take over their services. And although he has said that if he leaves the Knicks will (along with Stoudemire and Carmelo), the fact is that the board of the Louisiana franchise would not transfer to a dim star to change its base 'All-Star' of the Celtics.

The 'green pride' have been quick to step out of these rumors and, incidentally, denying any possibility of transfer of Rondo. It has in its mouth and general manager legend 'celtic', Danny Ainge, who accompanied the coach Doc Rivers wanted to make clear that there is no possibility that the Boston team disposing of its current baseman.

"I have no plans to transfer to Rondo," Danny Ainge said emphatically in a news conference. "It's a great player and it is inevitable that sounds for other teams. But he knows that you want and we want to continue here. So talk to him and explain to him that has only been a rumor."

For his part, coach Doc Rivers also declined to give more importance to the rumors and also made clear that Rondo is a fundamental part of the team this season that is about to begin. "I will not compare with any other player, but I think is one of the best point guards in the NBA. In fact, for this reason it is normal to get involved in this kind of news.'s A great player and brings a lot of things our team, "said the coach.

Who also wanted to give his opinion on the future of his former teammate Shaquille O'Neal has been. The former power forward for the Celtics have had their say in a radio interview. "If I were general manager Rajon Rondo will not change for Paul. Not a good idea," said Shaq. "Rondo is the best definition of base out there. It keeps the whole team involved and scored when he has to. Paul is able to score many points. But when was the last time you played a playoff?"


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