Saturday, December 3, 2011

Mou "It is always best to go ahead"

Jose Mourinho appeared at a news conference before training Valdebebas Real Madrid. The coach ruled out Arbeloa to Gijón, announced that Kaka will be on the bench and suggested the holding of Nuri Sahin down to cover the penalty from Xabi Alonso. And said "it is better to go ahead in the table, gives you a small margin of error and reduces the pressure."

"But at the same time, he added, lag behind is also a motivating challenge. Both are interesting situations, and difficult. What worries me is not the mentality of the costume. People know that we have not gotten anywhere, but also they are playing well, with confidence. I do not see much difference with the times we were behind. The team is showing maturity, balance, peace of mind. No matter what happens against Sporting, will quietly walk along our way. "

Mourinho overlooked the controversy over the penalty Pique - "my opinion is not important, what is the opinion of jurists, authoritative voices in the world of sports, Platini, Blatter, Collina, the press ..."- and tried to make clear that the classic 10-D is, for now, parked. "We have three points more than the second, not six. What motivates us is the party of tomorrow, try to win. We know what it's leagues, and it is normal for a team that is winning a lot, can defeat or a draw . When they arrive, we will not make a drama of it. We must try to get the classic win three more points. "

"We have worked well during the week, a week atypical because it is not normal to have so much time to work. What we all know is that Xabi is a very important player on the team, but is not, and will have to play another, and that it will do for him is also good, because we only have the players like Real Madrid. Yes, during the week we looked for ways to play without a player who is very important. But I will not make a drama of his absence or use morning after the game. "

Thus, Mou ruled that the match against Sporting is a test to prepare for the match against Guardiola. "I'm not in that game. I think in Gijón and in the Ajax, because I want to give the team fresh air, give minute people who are not playing much. This week we have prepared the Sporting match, not the Barca game."

The Setubal said not to expect too much aggression by the Sporting. "Against Atletico there was no aggression, aggression is something else I like. We know what we can expect a very tough match. Last year was very difficult, as many times in the past. I know, but nothing more. " On Damian's words, added: "If a defense has to make mistakes to stop a striker seems normal. It is very difficult for a defender made 90 minutes without faults, 100% clean. But there are faults and failures, no accumulation of faults. There are yellow, red and there are no referees. It is a topic that does not bother me, I say. I am concerned that is a tough game, we'll have to stop playing. "

There was also room for more names. As Nuri Sahin: "It's in preseason, but in the finals. And at that stage you can play for 90 minutes. He and the impact against Dynamo. You ready to play."

On the injured Kaka and Carvalho: "Kaka is on the bench. He had a week clean, very well trained. My intention is to play, because I think we're going to need. And against Ajax, which holds the maximum possible time, preferably 90 minutes. We want to again become important, as it was still before the injury. " "Carvalho was finally normal training and coaching. I was in the same process of Kaka, to be tomorrow on the bench and hold against Ajax. In a normal action Alley has been injured for a couple of weeks or more, this once in the knee. Bad luck. "

Finally, mention Arbeloa to re-emphasize that, for now, do not think the club: "It focuses on the game against Ajax, not in the Barceloa. For tomorrow, has not trained with the group. We on Sunday to start training with the group to play on Wednesday. "


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