Tuesday, November 29, 2011

"Pressure? We have won four of the last ten and Argentina no"

The Davis Cup final has given its official kick-off press conference of the Navy in the stadium of La Cartuja in Seville. Rafa Nadal is the protagonist, the leader. Ninety percent of the questions are addressed to him. The Spaniard knows Latin.

Nadal pulls to defend track record of psychological warfare has raised Argentina on the eve of the final. Convey the idea that the pressure is on Spain because playing at home. Not so, says the number 2 in the world. "We have pressure, but not more than them. Not at all. We are with the peace that gives winning four of the last ten Davis Cup. All that we are part of the Spanish team have won more than one, while Argentina has never won. The pressure is the same, "he says.

Nadal final bodes very complicated, but the motivation is great. "It is true that my record in the last seven years on earth is very good and hopefully I can continue. But Davis Cup is a competition special, different, less time to prepare and everything is more dangerous. There is a desire to win for the importance of the tournament and finish the season with positive feelings. But it is not easy. Nalbandian feels predilection for this competition and Monaco is doing a great season finale, "he said when asked about his good friends the combined rival.

The Spanish captain Albert Costa, coincides with its No. 1 player. "I could not say what percentage of a chance of winning there for a computer and another. I hate to put numbers. If we do things right choices. What is clear is that all parties will be long and hard. I have fully defined the team, regardless of what makes Argentina ". In this sense, the story of the press conference was when Nadal said, politically correct, that still does not know if I would play on Friday. Feliciano Lopez and Albert Costa looked and laughed openly.

Finally, David Ferrer again referred to fatigue after his participation in the Masters Cup, reaching the semifinals. Downplayed the issue. "All we got tired because we are in December. It's a long season. However, this tournament is important and worth making a last effort. We will give the maximum. "


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