Friday, December 2, 2011

Nadal: "All parties will be difficult"

All eyes are on him, Rafa Nadal (Manacor, 1986) is the leader of the Spanish team in the final against Argentina. Mar del Plata was lost but returned to the stage where he was born tennis player with his victory against Roddick in 2004. It was the first of three bowl. Want quarter.

The Spaniard admits player brings the memories that this scenario: "Beating Roddick was special not only for victory but for all that it meant the party and the number of people involved in it." It also supports his nervousness ahead of that game: "It was hard to sleep that night and was surprised by the decision of the captains."

In the midst of preparing for the Davis Cup final in La Cartuja, Nadal feels this event as special as it may not be in 2012: "It will be difficult to play Davis Cup next year with the Olympics."

On this edition, Nadal does not believe that the Spanish have all won: "We need attitude. Argentina is the highest level players and all games will be complicated."


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