Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The remaining steps to terminate the 'lockout'

It appears that, finally, there will be season in the NBA. Photo of David Stern and Billy Hunter announcing an agreement in principle presaged the end of 'lockout' and optimism filled the air ahead of a new course baloncestístico. However, the labor dispute is not yet complete and although in principle, the two parties are in readiness to sign the new agreement , there are a number of formalities to fulfill and any dispute could derail the willingness of players and owners.

So, Billy Hunter has sent a letter to the players (who has managed Sam Ammick of Sports Illustrated) that no one be deceived and explain step that remains before the NBA next Alze the curtain on December 9 .

In this release, Hunter epxlica deadlines to be followed by both the NBA and the players. The first is to write the terms of the interim agreement and send it to players and owners before next Wednesday to read it and sign their agreement.

The second step is perhaps the most dangerous in the process. Hunter explains, l to NBPA (National Association of Basketball Players) need authorization to return players to represent their interests in negotiations. The NBA has made ​​it a condition that the NBPA negotiate further from its present condition association as a labor organization representing the players in collective bargaining. A process that can be found with a stone on the road, after some players to criticize the work of the union during negotiations.

When most players authorize the NBPA to represent their interests in the NBA collective bargaining and recognize the union, the league and the Players Association negotiated a new collective agreement which will discuss economic and other non- deal with economic issues as the disciplinary committee or the anti-doping policy. A process that both parties want to start this week.

Finally, after completion of the negotiations, the agreement will be sent to League members for ratification. A Hunter process expected to take place over the next week to begin pre-season and December 9 .

The NBA commissioner, David Stern, is also working overtime to try to get at least 15 votes from the 29 team owners who must approve by simple majority the tentative agreement they have reached both parties.


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