Friday, December 2, 2011

Vettel has numbers of legend

The 2011 season is over. The year that was predicted before the start most spectacular World Cup, not in vain, for the first time have agreed five world champions in the asphalt, resulted in the military walk Sebastian Vettel, who won the title with four runs to completion.

The tyranny of Red Bull and Vettel in particular, however, have not taken brilliance to an issue where the duels, often fiery, five world champions have led to moments of maximum tension and spectacle, although often only for a podium and not for victory in a Grand Prix and World least sentenced soon.

Either way it is time to balance sheet and comparative statistics between these five giants (Schumacher, Vettel, Alonso, Hamilton and Button) to ask: Who is best? Always from the cold of the numbers and percentage statistics.

And considering this it follows that Schumacher is still the Kaiser. The German head of almost all historical statistics percentage. Although since his return to competition has not achieved any success and only once got to the podium, has the best winning percentage for prizes appearances: 25.92% 31.72% by Vettel, already a second. Also, the races run of podium finishes by 53.63% from 45.9% of Hamilton. It would even be the leader in this hypothetical competition laps: 26.57% to 11.11% of his compatriot.

The only statistic in which Michael is overcome by a champion he is contemporary with that of the poles. Seven-times only achieved in 23.77% of the qualifications held, while the young Sebastian Vettel has a prodigious statistics in this facet, a 38.27% of top positions in the grid, putting him at front of the ranking.

The success rates attest to the hegemony of the German pilots. Schumacher had a decade of tyranny and Vettel now has two straight titles with a record of race wins and pole positions overwhelmingly favorable over Alonso, Hamilton or Button.


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