Sunday, November 27, 2011

Broner gets knocked out in three rounds Rodriguez

The American boxer Adrien Broner put out of action in just three rounds to Argentine Vicente Rodriguez to win the super heavyweight title vacant World Boxing Organization.

In combat, held in the "U.S. Bank Arena" in Cincinnati (Ohio, USA), Broner conditions imposed on the ring since the first bell rang. Although the judges were as Broner winner in the standings, it imposed its power fists to connect a combination of punches and a left hook to the jaw of Argentina to keep him out of combat.

The fight was stopped at the 1.43 minutes of the third assault and U.S. champion to win the title was vacant. Broner made his record 22-0, with 18 out of combat, while Rodriguez was dropped their record to 01.03.34, with 18 'knockout'.


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