Saturday, December 3, 2011

Baron Davis and "Superman" Howard is left wanting for the Lakers

The Lakers looking for redemption in the new season is about to begin. Since the setback suffered in recent playoffs against Dallas, the franchise angelina works to try to not repeat what happened. This coach has changed and rumors about possible signings increasing every day. Rumours that have been involved current staff members as Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum and gain strength in which two names such as Dwight Howard and Baron Davis.

Interest in the Orlando power forward is not new and in recent days has been speculating on the possibility of seeing 'Superman' yellow dress . The latest rumor tells of a three-way transfer in Orlando would welcome Andrew Bogut (more money), Howard would play in the Lakers and Bynum would suitcases bound for Milwaukee.

Another also sounds a long time to accompany Kobe in search of a new ring is Baron Davis. With the new agreement, the player will not seem to follow in the Cavaliers. A circumstance that would make him the first goal of Californians who want to strengthen as the guard.

At the moment, are all rumors and speculation, but what is certain is that both players are left wanting by the Lakes. Or so Matt Barnes said in an interview with ESPN. The Lakers forward said he had spoken to both players (Howard was a teammate of Orlando) and that they had confirmed their interest in playing at Staples. "I've heard rumors of Dwight and also those of Baron Davis. I spoke with them and they want to play in Los Angeles.'ll See what happens," confirmed Barnes.


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