Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A tango London '2012

Sometimes I need to get away from the more technical part of the sport. Focusing too much on tactics, strategy, often forces me to leave the passion aside, coolly assessing the performance of a cyclist or a rugby team. At those times I realize I need a break, a change. And that's when synchronized swimming rescues that passion, I am no expert in the technical intricacies of the sport, and I can limit myself to enjoy. Just sit in front of the TV and enjoy the emotions that I try to convey swimmers.

That's exactly what I did in the last World Shanghai in July , sit and enjoy all the programs. Some already knew of Sheffield, but here the stakes were higher, much more was at stake. In Shanghai, it was played with the cards face up.

Passion suburb
duo's final book was the perfect example of synchronized swimming, well executed, can lead to another stage, another place. You just have to let go. And the hand of Ona Carbonell tango and Andrea Fuentes we played, that trip was real, very real. When the music started, and the Spanish couple jumped into the water, I was no longer either in Shanghai or in 2011, was far, far away.

On the way to London
and arrive next year London'2012 Games, and I I have decided I am going to do. As spectators gathered on the steps of a pool, I will find a separate room, lost in the streets of London. A nightclub where at night depart chairs and tables, where between black and white draw two figures, the Ona and Andrea, to give vent to the passion of Argentina with Spanish blood. And is that going to London for gold, to the rhythm of breath. So dance the Tango.


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