Sunday, November 27, 2011

Fernando Alonso: "If it rains we can podium"

Fernando Alonso finished fifth disappointed by his place on the grid at Interlagos. "It's the same feeling of the last race or the same as before you hit the clock. Nothing special. You know what the objectives are dry. Good feelings because the Mercedes was a danger. We have no emotion or sadness. It an expected position completely, "he said.

The Spaniard asks for water, which is expected for the race. "We know that if it rains finish fifth or fourth, depending on what happens to others. If it rains we can podium, make eighths. We have no idea. Being determined the championships, this questioning can benefit because the Red Dry Bull and McLaren we would, "he said.

Although made to order, the Spaniard preferred to have sections with rain and some without. "This year we have not done very well in rain for the problem of heat into the tires. When it rains it multiplies. Whenever we have had to suffer. At Silverstone won the race when the track dried. If no part is dry and wet we can come in handy because you have to risk: stop a lap earlier, some off track ... there are more variants and the more we put on the table maybe we better leave the race. If the race is dry there would be many pit stops, "he said.

The double world champion says he will not have much in mind the overall World Cup. "I do not think about the runner. Whatever happens tomorrow I know the sensations of this year. I know very well where the car and where I am in the drivers' championship. Whatever happens I'll be very happy with 2011. Obviously, we are to become world champions. This year we have been beaten with relative ease and we want Red Bull next year is not. I hope it's the feeling of being less happy with your performances and be champion, "explained .

Alonso opened the door to hope for the coming season. "Fortunately or unfortunately, F1 is not as easy as other sports where there may be variations. In football a team can win a little more in a single game. Here, more or less the same things repeat themselves. The problem is that from August about the championship is over and every 15 days we have a race and there is always some hope that something will happen again and have to get used to anything will not happen again. Today we are much happier with the 2012 car as we were last November in 2011 and that is the only magic wand we can expect. That car design and the structuring of the team we are better prepared, "he revealed.


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