Friday, December 2, 2011

Ricky Rubio: "I was a little overwhelmed by the lockout"

The Spanish player Ricky Rubio acknowledged having been "a little overwhelmed" by the 'lockout', which has prevented him still in the NBA debut with his new team, the Minnesota Timberwolves , but said he now prefers to make the positive side of the break, that has been used to train thoroughly.

"These things happen. You have to look at the positive side. I have had physical and mental rest and it has been good to get stronger next season. There will be compressed and more games will be very demanding, but one must be prepared "he told Onda Cero statements.

Rubio, located in Los Angeles with Pau Gasol, will travel to Minnesota on Monday to join his team discipline. It is expected that next December 25th is the date chosen to start the season. "We will have games too close together and there you have to learn fast," he said.

"It's not been bad because I did well to rest. I was a little overwhelmed by wanting to play and not see the day we started. You miss the routine and now I have wanted to play, " said the base of El Masnou, they said they have planned a trip to Spain has had to cancel.

"On the 'lockout' already had plans to return on Monday and rethink my future, but on Saturday when I got up I heard the great news. There was little agreement, and failing to get through this. I was in Minnesota and around the world wrote me. They know My dream, "added the former player of Barcelona.

In another vein, Rubio referred to his team's chances this season. "We can do great things, but we have to give time, a reasonable time. I think we can be in the playoffs, '" said Ricky, who said he was coaching the shot. "People criticize me may be right. The training I have been very good and it's all about confidence, "he said.


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