Monday, November 28, 2011

The NBA could lose up to 2,000 million in the sale of their products

The announcement of the end of the 'lockout' was an early Christmas present. For fans, to players, owners ... For all. But above all, for those companies that collect much of their income to the American League. This applies, for example, Adidas. The German multinational has signed a contract with the NBA for 11 seasons who will be responsible for clothing the teams in the league. An agreement last season earned him 350 million dollars just by selling official shirts.

However, this season, with everything that has made the 'lockout' t demand from fans has been drastically reduced. To the extent that LeBron jersey (the top seller last season) has decreased by 38% in sales in this campaign, notes the New York Post. "That's where the real damage is noticed that caused the NBA labor dispute," said Marshal Cohen, the prestigious financial analyst NPD Group, a leading market research.

The sale of NBA last season reached 3,000 million dollars. With all that has meant the 'lockout', analysts have estimated sales for this new course at a figure close to 1,000. That is, more than 2,000 million loss on a business in which the shoes appear as the only product you will not see their sales fall.


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