Friday, December 2, 2011

La Cartuja is leaking

It rains intermittently in Seville in the absence of a few hours to boot the Davis Cup final between Spain and Argentina. That meant La Cartuja suffer at this time leaks and the Argentine team, which was scheduled to train in the center court, could not do so. Argentina has already said that if it rains today do not play the first match of the Davis Cup final against Spain.

The track has been partially blocked and the Spanish tennis Albert Costa, Granollers and Feliciano Lopez have been inspecting the ground. The IFT (International Tennis Federation) has also been reviewing the problem and it is this institution which has to decide whether to celebrate or not the games scheduled for today.

The legislation stipulates that the Davis Cup final to be played in indoor. However, the Stadium of La Cartuja is semiindoor and is covered by a hood which is where water is seeping. Stefan Fransson, Judge Davis Cup referee and member of the IFT, has reviewed all the facilities of the center court. The forecast indicates that rain stop raining in Seville at 12.00 hours, so that the risk of postponing today's matches decrease.

The problem with leaks occurred after some workers to rise to the top of La Cartuja and, for whatever reason, stored water caused the fall to the center court. In the absence of less than two hours to start the first game the sun came out in Seville and La Cartuja operators removed the tarps placed on the center court. There is expectation that planning take its course despite the leaks they have revealed to La Cartuja. They are already beginning to enter the first fans.


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