Monday, November 28, 2011

Fernando Alonso: "The year has been fantastic"

Fernando Alonso said that 2011 was a year "spectacular", despite the season to put a rating of between 5 and 6, and is "very satisfied" with the years he has done. "I am very satisfied with my year. The whole year has generally been a struggle between us, a struggle to see what we could improve race after race. There were times we we mixed among the first, others where we stayed behind, but always struggling to try to improve ourselves, "he said.

"This year was spectacular and unique in many respects, with spectacular exits, stops great, spectacular overtaking maneuvers like today. Therefore the year itself was fantastic and it sums up this race in general," added Alonso to do balance of the season.

As for the rating of the season, the Spanish said that "the season is noted as the president said last week, 5 or 6. For Ferrari win a race this season is too little in a whole championship . And do not fight for the championship is too little. "

Fernando said that should improve for next year: "Do not make hardly any fault and extract the maximum from the car all weekend and if repitiésemos something similar next year with a car five times faster than it would have many options to win. "

The Spaniard wanted to be optimistic for next year. "Let's see next year if we do a good year like this in all aspects, but with a slightly more competitive car that allows us both to Philip and me be on the podium in a much more regular," admitted .

The correction of the "wind tunnel" in the car, which according to Alonso led Ferrari to lose in 2011, was "the most positive, for correction" in the coming year. "There is a feeling that was a bad year for the extreme demands Ferrari and me, but we see what we did with this car less competitive," he said.

About the race, Alonso succinctly: "In the output step ahead of Hamilton. Then a risky maneuver, as in recent races, Button. And then with the race taking the cruse put us in our reality," said Alonso, who acknowledged that "in the closing laps did not work well the rear wing, but in the last 5 or 6 laps, so it had no influence on the race."


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