Friday, December 2, 2011

They start rumors and controversial "movements" in the NBA

Although officially until next December 9 will not be signing any contract , the league has already authorized for free agents and teams could contact and desires that are present both sides.

Point guard Chris Paul , the Hornets in New Orleans , through his agent confirmed all the rumors that his next destination will be the New York Knicks after he has told his current team thinks not sign an extension or renewal of expiring contract next season.

Paul is a great friend of forward Carmelo Anthony and although he has denied that it influenced the decision of the Starbase, the reality is that his days in New Orleans have them counted.

The team wants to hear from Paul himself, but the Hornets general manager, Dell Demps, you know that the future of the franchise base will not be linked to New Orleans , which is currently under control of the NBA .

The Hornets do not want to suffer the same ordeal Paul touched them move to the Denver Nuggets when Anthony decided he himself would not renew the contract and wanted to go to the Knicks, the same team that will surely come the star base New Orleans team.

Paul's desire to be part of the Knicks have cut all the strategy that had mounted the Boston Celtics to get their services in exchange for the transfer of base Rajon Rondo.

The Celtics GM, Danny Ainge said he did not know where the rumors had arisen about the possible transfer of the Hornets Rondo for Paul, because the team was "happy" with its integration baseman and he had with the rest of the team's stars as Paul Pierce , Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett .

The same applies to the pivot Dwight Howard of the Orlando Magic, who still has a year contract and then be a free agent and all the rumors are that your next destination will be the Lakers or Nets New Jersey.

Howard is aware that while the Magic keep their options to get a league title are slim because around is not enough help to do so.

Meanwhile, the Lakers, the team with the most economic potential of the league, and have not only but also the millions of players that can offer in exchange for Howard's arrival such as the pivot Andrew Bynum and even the Spanish power forward Pau Gasol , depending on the preferences that may have the Magic.

The Nets, who already know the starbase Deron Williams will not renew the contract for this season to expect to be free and win the next 30 million more, they want to form a team of stars and that seek the services of players like Howard, Nene and veteran Tyson Chandler .

The new owner Russian billionaire Mikhail Nets D. Prokhorov wants to not only maintain but also to accompany Williams to other stars of the NBA when the team opens its new field of Barclays Center in Broooklyn, which has cost 1,000 million dollars, and will be ready for the season 2012-13.

The output of both players from their current teams would confirm that the new collective agreement is worthless in terms of sports inequality still exist in the NBA and all they have achieved has been the players take more than money had given the previous one.

This way they can balance the economic section to 22 teams continue to have lost millions not receiving now 50 percent of revenue basketball compared to 43 of the previous agreement.

But the sports section still dominated by the most powerful teams like the Lakers , Celtics , Heat , Knicks , Bulls and champions league, the Mavericks in Dallas, according to Chandler do not intend to renew his contract to continue with them when they start training camp.

Chandler's statement was the most remarkable and surprising of the first official day on which NBA teams and free agents could start talking about new contracts.

Along with Chandler returns the first day of activity in the free agent market was in full confusion because they are all rumors and most of all teams that have clear is that they work against the clock and knowing that staff will reduced to account for the 2011-12 season, which starts on Christmas Day.


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