Sunday, November 27, 2011

This will be the 2011/2012 season

The 2011-2012 season will be marked by its duration, 66 games . The 'lockout' has led the NBA have to change dates and, for example, the playoffs begin a week later. On November 26 was achieved agreement in principle and now steps are as follows.

In the coming days the NBA and the players end up polishing the agreement, missing several issues to be realized. Some of these pending issues are the third round of the draft, raising the age of access and anti-drug controls. Topic you is hard to fail to reach an agreement, after overcoming the major regional conflict .

Once drafted the new agreement must be approved by a majority on both sides. The owners (29 for control of the Hornets in the NBA) vote, while players must remove the antitrust lawsuit , again become union and vote. A maneuver that can be parallel and be done with the greatest care.

On December 9, begin training and will open the market. It is unknown if the teams played preseason games before the start of the league on December 25. At Christmas and played three games set in the first calendar of the season, Knicks-Boston, Dallas Bulls-Lakers and Miami . In the latter the champions will receive the ring. LeBron and company will have to see how the team that celebrates winning the title.

After this great release, pure and simple season will begin on February 26. The match schedule is not yet developed and the NBA working on organizing the pavilions open dates . The schedule of 66 games is guaranteed that all teams will play against everyone, including those of the opposite conference, something that previous 'lockout' was not realized.

NBA may take special interest in the clashes between the rivals in the same division. The trips are shorter, and on a schedule that involves four games per week, would help the teams.

The All-Star Orlando seamlessly place the weekend of 24 to 26 February. The Magic City of the prize will not run, although a double-edged sword because of the possible departure of Howard's team.

Although in normal conditions the transfer market closed just after the All-Star, in late February, is expected to be delayed this time a few weeks. What also made the playoffs. Because of the delay, the final phase will begin a week later, between the last week of April and early May. This structure will be a different season because of the lockout.


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