Sunday, November 27, 2011

Ferrer: "Now it's rest and think in the final of the Davis"

David Ferrer has been defeated by Roger Federer in the first semifinal of the Masters Cup in London, to which the Spanish added that "now to rest and think about the final of the Davis' that the Spanish team Sevilla played at the next order week against Argentina.

"It is true that I won the Davis Cup twice, but it is a very important end. Now I want to rest, because it'll get tired, and I also used to the change of runway, but Davis Cup and we have to play it, there is no other" said Ferrer yet to door.

In the semifinal was noted the efforts made throughout the tournament by the Spanish. "The truth is that I struggled a bit into the game, and when I had a little chance in the first set I have not taken advantage of. That's against an opponent like Federer is paid, and at last he has been the best" lamented.

"In the second set I tried, I have been calmer, but I failed again and I have missed the party. It is true that I have to stay positive with this tournament is to win two top-level players as Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray, "ended Javea


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