Friday, November 18, 2011

Seeking the smartest in the class

Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, Andy Murray, David Ferrer, Jo-Wilfred Tsonga, Tomas Berdych and Mardy Fish are the eight best players of the moment and players who aspire to be crowned as' master 'in the' Barclays ATP World Tour Finals' which takes place from 20 to 27 November at the O2 in London. The course ends tennis and deposits of the best players are full of cracks and hardly any fuel. But a last effort well worth it. Not because of the four million euros in prize money is distributed, but the category of an event that only Roger Federer (2003, 2004, 2006, 2007, 2010) and Novak Djokovic (2008) know how to win in the audience in this issue. The Swiss and Serbian are the very men who are the favorites for victory in the major bookmakers.

Novak Djokovic is the delegate of the class, a leader who has earned the band's No. 1 in a season for framing. Djokovic, who accumulates ten titles on the payroll, in London for the icing to a cake tasting that takes time. He knows that his physique is the limit (it takes time with his ailing right shoulder) and is eager for vacation to relax. Even that whatever you do in this final their final grade will be outstanding. But his hunger for continued growth led him to search the gala capital excellence, honors, praise from public and experts in the field. It has gone from being the 'funny in class' to be the true benchmark. 'Nole' debut will be the last. Will (Monday, 21.00) to Tomas Berdych , the rebel of a classroom in which he has managed to consolidate. The Czech resumed a desk in London after last year was fired with just one win in the 'Round Robin'. Unpredictable as few attempt to offer their best performance yet knowing the difficulty of the undertaking.

Andy Murray and David Ferrer completed the Group A. The Scot's favorite class to an English public is still waiting and demanding as much as a player who still progressing, we need to take the big leap. Notable is the boy. After a grand finale of course, intractable on the Asian Tour, winning three of the five titles this year has added to his report card. Murray looks to bounce on a date you have already played four times, two of them reaching the semifinals. His first opponent at the O2 will Ferrer (Monday, 15.00), perhaps the most timid of the class. His humility is transformed when he jumps to the mat, where he becomes a gladiator whose physical background seems to be endless.

Roger Federer is the class nerd. It is, of those present, who has won more times this tournament, which defends rod and hence the third step of the ranking. It comes from raising the scepter of Basel and Paris, demotrando the best version of his tennis, envied physique, confidence and the demand exquisite be felt. It is used to complete a course without great notes, a result that could get triunfanfo in London. The manager of Basiela will open fire (Sunday, 15.00). He will face Jo-Wilfried Tsonga , a student with a facade of rebel, but to win both the treatment and seeing him play. The Le Mans, which runs through the prime of his career as a regular game and only has experience in this quote from your participation in 2008, even in Shanghai, where his performance was more discreet.

Rafael Nadal and Mardy Fish complete Group B. Spanish is the class applied. Despite seeing as the course has lost its status as number 1 and losing in six finals before his 'coco' Djokovic, Rafa has not lost hope to continue improving. It is the player with most games this season behind him, but the entity of the event will drive by pushing the elbows penultimate time (after you have left the Davis Cup final). It is a tournament that has never won, last year was at the gates to give in the final, and although it has stated that it takes a season for the academic year to come, will certainly try to give the best of himself. His first opponent (Sunday, 21.00) will be Fish, the new, a player who gets depleted physically, but with the hope of getting noticed.


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