Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Married Mary "plays Europe in 2020"

The only Spanish member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Marisol Casado, has shown this Tuesday "quite optimistic" about the options of Madrid's bid to host the 2020 Olympics because, according to her, in the later edition to Rio Janeiro "touches Europe."

Therefore, the president of the International Triathlon Union (ITU) insists that now is the time to "work public relations" and find the formula to "convince the 112 IOC members" entitled to vote in the September 2013 meeting in Buenos Aires.

This work considers it necessary to make it "directly", using the change better than the Spanish representation has experienced over the previous application, where Spain "was only" a member of the IOC, Juan Antonio Samaranch Salisachs, son of former the Olympic governing body.

"Now that we are three (counting also the president of the International Canoe Federation, José Perurena), more Doña Pilar de Borbón (Honorary Member), we are talking to the 'family'. This has to exploit it very well because is the same as you try to convince a person who is a communications professional, someone that is your 'family', "said Casado told Europa Press after delivering the inaugural lecture of the course-XLIV Session of the Spanish Olympic Academy in Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM).

With regard to the details of the bid, admitted that the technical issue is "well advanced" and insisted that, during the economic crisis would be feasible to "prove you can do things with less money than is currently being used to sometimes excessive "advantage that the IOC is" open "to this and not see" evil "becomes" a cut or a more sustainable use of spending. "

Rome's main rival
Closing the chapter of the 2020 Madrid candidacy, Marisol Casado said that "there is never small enemy" and that "makes it difficult to decide which is the rival city of all."

"In principle we could say that Rome is the rival, because it is in the same geographical space. And I think that after Rio, will play Europe again because his election was a strong jump. Obviously Rio de Janeiro was fit to organize, but there are certain risks that have had to run, "he said in relation to the focus on the" universality "as a decisive factor when choosing the final in Copenhagen.


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