Friday, November 18, 2011

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. is declared ready to defend his championship

HOUSTON - Julio Cesar Chavez was declared ready to defend for the first time the world championship against American Middle Peter Manfredo Jr. in the Reliant Arena in Houston, Texas. Five months after the conquest of the sash, beating Germany's Sebastian Zbik, the Junior showed great physical shape and said it will look a lot better fighter than that faced the American John Duddy.

Chavez Sr. talked about the fight of his son 's 25-year sinaleonse stopped the scale at 159.7 pounds, while Manfredo, 30 years, it was in 159.5. "I am happy to do here in Houston my first defense, no nervousness, I feel much better now that I'm world champion, I have trained very hard because I know that Manfredo and others want the place where I am, but it is not possible, " Chavez said Carrasco. On the other hand, Manfredo revealed that this fight will be as drastic career victory not to seek the final withdrawal. "I come with everything, there is no opportunity more to me, is to win or retire, I put everything in this preparation to beat the son of my idol, " he replied Manfred, 30 years old and played for the first time a world title. Chavez Jr. will expose not only their title , also undefeated record. The Mexican has a record of 43 wins, 30 KOs and one draw, while Manfredo has 37 wins, 6 losses and 20 knockouts.


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