Thursday, November 17, 2011

Messi, melted

The physical state in which he would Leo Messi to Barcelona in Barcelona very concerned. In fact, technicians are waiting for your arrival after a long journey to check their condition and seriously meditate and convince you that it is best to rest this Saturday against Zaragoza.

The player itself turned on the alarm when after the match played against Colombia said: "We ended up all dead." The hardness of the party, received a blow, the state of the pitch and, above all, high temperatures and high humidity can take its toll on the Argentine.

Also, add three key factors when assessing the physical conditions in which you can reach Barcelona: Messi played 90 minutes, the usual jet-lag cross the Atlantic and the conditions of the return trip.

Guardiola receive reports from Juanjo Brau, the trainer who always travels with the Argentine, and according to them and what to tell you what Messi will begin to appreciate against Zaragoza. Pep has to convince Leo, who wants to play everything, that it is best to rest and be ready for the important match against Milan.


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