Wednesday, November 16, 2011

"Hamilton destroyed Alonso being a rookie"

Martin Whitmarsh, McLaren's current employer valued the current season of his team and in doing so, he recalled the controversy of 2007 made some controversial statements. "Let the record straight: Lewis (Hamilton) has destroyed every teammate he's had during his career as a pilot. Keep in mind that virtually destroyed a way Fernando Alonso when he was a double world champion and Lewis was a rookie, "said the couple admitted that Hamilton" Button underestimated. "

The Briton said it is usual in the race of champions 2008. "He did the same with Nico Rosberg in karting, and the other fellow who has been in Formula 1. It was decommissioned by Jenson at first, and probably thought that was a good kid, but that he would win. And surely surprised" he said.

The English leader admitted that Hamilton has not had a good campaign. "In general I must say it has been a great year for the team. For Lewis, given its characteristics, has been a disappointing year. Lewis expects more of himself and everyone expects more than Lewis, so this season has been very demanding for him.'s going through a lot right now, "he said in an interview with

Whitmarsh also welcomed because McLaren remain faithful to his idea of ​​a pilot does not prevail, he said. "Jenson, meanwhile, also wanted to beat his mate, but never do so dirty. They want to contribute to the team the same way. Of course, when you get to a computer and you know I've known Lewis from I was eleven may wonder if you will receive fair treatment. But that's who the number one is something that generates the media, because McLaren has always been a running team that has left its pilots. That is our spirit and we want to keep " he said.


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