Friday, November 18, 2011

Marquez is not yet clear

Several years ago, Marc Marquez had an accident in the CEV. Head injury, less severe than that endured for nearly a month at the Sepang circuit, resulted in a slight diplopia-double vision-compression of the eye muscles. But then the recovery was very fast. In just four days his eyes could focus easily to any point.

On October 21, in Malaysia, Marc suffered another episode of diplopia, the much more acute after the Suter dismounted it because of a water stain on the asphalt during the first free practice on Friday. Hitting the firm was more dramatic. As a result of the incident, Marquez suffered dizziness and an appreciable loss of vision in the left eye. He could not run. Again, Valencia. The World fell almost without intending Stefan Bradl.

In Barcelona, ​​Marc was in the hands of specialists. And the first diagnosis was familiar: "periorbital edema with vertical diplopia result and sequential." The medical statement ruled out any other injuries. The experts tried to minimize the effects of visual distortion-even steroid medications. but reached a point of no return. "It takes patience, little more can be done. It seems that his vision will be," said Xavier Mir at Valencia, an orthopedic surgeon in confidence was always close to the pilot.

But 28 days later the little nightmare continues. Marquez lost the first test of 2012. Also closed this Friday at Valencia. And it is serious doubt for those who had planned at Jerez next week Alzamora's team. "You can not be ruled out, but Marc is doubt," Emilio told this newspaper, which, however, relies on a speedy recovery.

Marquez is constantly being evaluated by Dr. Jordi Crease, an eminent neuro who works in the Catalan Institute of Retina. He is optimistic about its evolution and on Thursday submitted to pilot test a new prism glasses that correct the double vision to determine improvement of eye injury. "Between 1 and 15 brands already in the Grade 2, which is important because it has improved a lot," Alzamora said.

There is no treatment other than tranquility. "Marc is very positive and very lively," Mir said after talks with him. Especially since the front is almost perfect vision and diplopia shall-not be estimated how long. According to Dr. Crease there will be no consequences or require intervention.

Recto sees almost 100%
Alzamora is not worried. The signals from both the physicians caring for Marquez as the evolution of the pilot invite you to be optimistic. "The recovery is slower than expected but has a vision of almost 100% when looking straight ahead. When you look to the left still has something, but has improved greatly in recent days and all you have to have is patience" says Alzamora, which relies on the full recovery in the coming weeks.


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