Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The owners of the NBA will speak on Thursday about his next move

Following termination of the players on Tuesday, the NBA still not sure the next move. According to Yahoo, on Thursday, the owners of the NBA by the negotiating committee, will hold a conference call that will decide their responses to the demand.

David Stern and the bargaining committee wants to keep this discussion as soon as possible to decide as soon as the way forward. The players have asked for 6,000 million dollars , three times his salary, in the two lawsuits that have been in California and Minnesota .

From a sector of the owners are satisfied with the refusal of the players, because they felt the concession granted was too big , and did not want to accept. This group led by Jordan believes that the time and the judges will get a more favorable collective bargaining agreement, similar to the offer of 47% for owners and 53% for players.


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