Wednesday, November 23, 2011

When you add up the accounts Madrid to sign an NBA star

The NBA lockout of the European leagues can turn into something like a basketball game for the Playstation. already joked Pablo Laso , but is poised to become reality. In case of cancellation of the season across the Atlantic, the stars begin to find their place in the world. Some players, with some fears about what might happen, they are already doing.

Without going any further, several U.S. officials have made ​​their lists of available players to Madrid. Rare is the day that no new offers. Among those, and those who have not called directly but have been left wanting with his statements at the Bernabeu could make an All Star
White Men Can not move parts until it is officially confirmed the cancellation of the season. So far, pretty much have to work on the continuity of Rudy Fernandez. Their franchise player is under contract with Dallas, but the lockout prevents talks with the Mavericks. Neither, however, neglect the medium term and are working on the possibility of landing an NBA star if you can not play in the U.S.. Come for Christmas. It would be an excellent gift.

All figures add up: they have 11 players on the twelfth is template-Jorge Sanz-only feature and extra Jaycee Carroll and, most importantly, no money to deal with an operation antojaría high. Have already held meetings with the finance department and no money. The budget last year has remained at around 25 million euros and more income by increasing the number of subscribers and the largest number of visitors to the parties, that are causing good data in the lockers.

Difficult to fulfill a dream
Where to fish in the river of the NBA, the goal would be a pivot. The dream of those responsible for the section by the name of Marc Gasol, who is on the table could be a multi-year contract and not only for the duration of the lockout. It is also probably the most complicated operation to undertake. In Madrid are convinced that the pivot of the Grizzlies end up in the club with his brother Pau and the Catalans will hole in their squad for both games in their ranks. Of course, the ABP maintains that the club does not have the right of first refusal on him against the opinion of the ACB and the Catalan table.

In any case, if the mother can not claim his first goal and it landed in the top club, look for an antidote. That would take all their names deck, with figures like Howard , Aldridge, Stoudemire, Nowitzki ... German is considered the plan B. Further after declaring he would hear an offer from the club proud Madrid.

Of course, that could be his companions open the doors of the club. "He's my idol and I would love to come. Play my position and I probably removed minutes, but in Madrid there is always competition in all positions," says Mirotic. For Carlos Suarez would be a unique opportunity to shoot the role of the League: "If you can, we must seize this opportunity to reinforce and add to the League more stars than there already."


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