Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A semifinals for the front door

David Ferrer became the second Masters Cup semi-finalists in 2011 by defeating Novak Djokovic two sleeves. The Javea, which reached the final of this event in 2007, endorsed the fifth defeat of the season and added Serbian win number 58 of the year.

Novak Djokovic is the fourth number 1 before which faced David Ferrer in his career. To date nine duels lost to Roger Federer had won the only match against Andre Agassi (Rome 2003) and had a negative baggage to Rafa Nadal (1-3, with victory at the Open de Australia 2011). The Javea showed why he is one of the major reference in the world of the racket and broke in London in hostile territory fast track, indoor-, the Balkans by an aggregate score of 6-3, 6-1 in one hour and game room in a clash played at the O2 Centre Court.

If we did a survey in the locker room with players, no one would choose to Ferrer as a rival. Is one of those tough nuts to crack that never gives a lost ball and you require a plus more than any other to break. The game against 'Nole' kept the balance only in the minutes of first refusal, resolved to serve six games where David showed his improvement with the service, their courage in taking the initiative to exchange and trust in a hurtful right regardless of the playing surface. Until that time, Djokovic seemed to be lurking waiting to get the paw. He even had a ball break to take advantage. But they were mere appearances. When Ferrer was the costume of 'Gladiator', made good the saying that not only can David fables with Goliath. He began to hit the ball as if his life depended it, to defend from the attacks of his opponent as if to protect his family, broke serve in the Balkans and scored six straight games.

Although Djokovic did not happen in his best physical moment, you can not shield his defeat in any case in this regard. The tennis cyclone that came from the other side of the track was not able to control it at any time. He looked sideways at his box, where neither his coach Marian Vadj and his girlfriend Jelena Ristic were able to give comfort or encouragement. The number was deflated. It did not work either his head or his racket. David did not fail to take small breaks in the action 75 minutes of the match lasted, did not want to lose a punishing pace and moral legs of his opponent. He put his finger in the wound opening impossible angles, reached into the sore left manual reaching and even dared to take the chest with Go! 'Made in Spain'. While Roger Federer enjoyed with his friend Thierry Henry Arsenal's victory in the Champions League against Borussia Dortmund, the pupil of Javier Piles put the finishing touch to a party that can not be forgotten. It was memorable.

With this victory, which he dedicated to his countrymen in Javea, Ferrer does a ticket for the semi-finals although he still has to play a match on Friday against Tomas Berdych . The Alicante showed in his debut at the Masters in 2007 (Shanghai being the site of game) that this event will greatly encouraged. At that time, only Roger Federer deprived him of winning the tournament. Here you have time to prepare an assault on the scepter, but now needs to rest and ensure weapons.


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