Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Casillas will have a street named in Móstoles

Mostoles Mayor Esteban Parro, proposed on Thursday at the regular plenary session of the Corporation, the City Council approve the change of name of the Avenida de los Deportes and passed to call Iker Casillas Avenue.

"For human values, being the most capped player has worn the shirt of Spanish football and the best goalkeeper in the world" are the arguments of the mayor to the proposal.

Parro has requested support for this proposal to the municipal political groups represented and has requested the opinion to the President of Neighborhood Association El Soto and the presidents of neighboring communities of the current Avenida de los Deportes.

"For children in Spain and, in particular, Móstoles, Casillas is a mirror daily look and see reflected the hard work, spirit of sacrifice, humanity, perseverance, humility and generosity of those who have shown that you can choose to professionals achieve great things without forgetting its roots, "said the mayor.


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