Friday, November 25, 2011

Piqué is no longer untouchable

Pep Guardiola will not marry anyone and continuous testing are presented in alignments that each party. Only Messi Valdés y are fixed in eleven. If he had to purge recently David Villa, now has the token Gerard Pique. The match against Milan made it clear that the defense is no longer an untouchable for the coach. Indeed, against the Italians one of the fears was the air that could be developed thanks to the set pieces. With Ibrahimovic, Van Bommel, Thiago Silva and Boateng ready to finish off a corner kick, for example, Pique seemed necessary with Busquets.

However, Pep chose to leave on the bench and he justified it reluctantly when asked about it: "I can not always talking about players who are left out. For this game and want fast players Puyol, Abidal Mascherano and legs are good . just that. " No one is aware that the participation of the defender this season not being as in previous years. Catalan is being undermined by two important factors. The first refers to the injury and the second change of system.

So far this season, Pique has suffered two injuries which, in total, have been one and a half away from the pitch. First it was a hamstring injury in the right calf that occurred during preseason training and then a hamstring stretch in mid-October.

However, the manner in which Pep wants to play this year, with only three defenders, it seems no benefit. The numbers speak for themselves. In League has only participated in six of the 12 matches played, and of these, it has only played one whole. In total, 295 minutes league who know very little because they represent only 27% of the minutes played for the club. In the Champions numbers are very similar. It has only played one match in the group stage, which is 90 minutes of the 450 possible. His participation was somewhat higher in the Supercopa of Spain, where he participated in the two games against Real Madrid.


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