Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Guardiola: "We are honored to win in San Siro"

Barcelona coach, Pep Guardiola, has emphasized that "it is never easy to win at San Siro to Milan" for what "proud" of his men's role in the victory against the Rossoneri (2-3). "We are happy for the win and first place, but more important is the public because we played for them," said the Catalan coach.

"Mr. Allegri says he is happy to have played better in the first leg. Win at San Siro, Milan, as what you want me to say ... we did a very good game in the first leg and come here and play as and well, attack and generating many scoring chances, we are proud, "he admitted. And, although he felt that the two games against the Italian team "have been very good," he reiterated the difficulty of beating Milan on home soil, "is not easy and it's an honor."

Especially with the bold defense of three men who raised Guardiola, including Gerard Pique has not been. "If you want to come to San Siro and control, or remove a defender or an attacker. Depending on the contrary I have decided to play with three fast people with legs. Of course, Gerard could have played, but I thought played well" . "It's a chance to play with three, but you put it on a scale.'ll Get more, but we play and sometimes more. We can not come to San Siro and you do not create problems. So are a great team and have a long tradition "he underlined.

Praise for Ibra
In this sense, Guardiola has praised the party that has done his former player Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who had their differences during his time at Barcelona, ​​and has ensured that he has not had a chance to speak. "When they throw the long ball, Ibra is unstoppable. Salta better than our defense, and is stronger. We wanted to avoid putting the ass back in defense, so much presionábamos Thiago Silva and Nesta. Has generated a lot of danger," he explained.

With respect to Italian football, Pep recalled the power of its three representatives, saying "I would like to meet again at Milan, because now we know more. My opinion of Italian football is very high, but my understanding philosophically football is different. This is a competitive animal. "

Now about your team, has ensured that his men do not play "to give shots or show of authority that are better or worse. The intention is to play a good game and better than the contrary, did not play to prove that the opinions of others are wrong. " And, in his opinion, "there is absolute certainty that other players and other equipment I would not have succeeded. They probably do with another coach."

Finally, he praised the party of Thiago, who has said he is "the most daring that has this template. Thiago love yourself, you feel pretty," he joked, ending with a reference to his assistant Tito Vilanova operated for a tumor, "Have you heard the game on radio and I know he is happy and happy."


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