Friday, November 25, 2011

Ferrer: "If we lose someone, it is with Argentina"

David Ferrer is in London contesting the Masters Cup in London for which you are qualified for the semifinals. The Javea wants to sign a well in the last quote, but think sideways in the Davis Cup final to be played in just one week in Seville. He knows that Spain is a favorite, but points to Argentina as one of the rivals who can crush the 'Armada' home and land.

Ferrer won Novak Djokovic on Wednesday in one of the most complete games he has played this season. "It was the day to win. He was not successful, but it is not normal and less to gain and Novak," said the Alicante in radiolabeled, who discovers the key to his success this season: "This year has been the key to remove ". On the other Spanish at stake in the O2, Rafael Nadal, Ferrer said that despite problems in the shoulder, "Okay, there's nothing serious. It is in perfect condition to play.'s Looking forward, I see it . If he wins today, it is clear candidate to win the tournament. I assure you that Rafa can return. "

In just one week in Seville Spain will seek his fifth Davis Cup. His rival, Argentina, has been granted the role of favorite. "It would be a tragedy to lose if we lose someone is with Argentina. Nalbandian and Del Potro can beat anyone. We're a little favorites, but the players see it as a very important end," says David, who is believed to Nalbandian, as noted by some means, will play the three days of competition: "Playing three games in three days in the Davis's a lot. I do not think Nalbandian plays the first day, but will play against Monaco who Rafa and Del Potro will who does it in front of Fernando Feliciano or against me. "

She also appreciated when questioned about the controversial statements Yannick Noah in Le Monde accusing the Spanish sport of doping. "What has that Noah is a barbarism without proof, is stupid. There is no rhyme or reason. I'm surprised. It is a blow", settlement.


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