Friday, March 2, 2012

The left is Marcelo

Coentrao's injury concluded the debate on the left side. It will not be for long. Just need time to recover from Coentrao muscle injury. The Luso was injured for his country and returned to Madrid yesterday. He was in Valdebebas and confirmed the extent of his injury. The club has offered no medical report, but in principle it will be about three weeks out with an adductor contracture.

It is the third Coentrao muscle injury this season. Dropped last September against the Levant and was out for a month. In November he returned with an overload after playing the Euro respesca for forcing him to miss the clash against Valencia. The other injury was mild synovitis in the knee that prevented him measured at Malaga.

Brazil, meanwhile, has also returned to play for his country, which finally seems to win the job. Forgotten some differences with Mano Menezes, logic prevails in the country, where he was strange not to see the Real Madrid in the left field.

Now that Marcelo seems to have found his place with Brazil, doubts came to him where he least expected, in Madrid. Until this year it was undisputed ownership. But the arrival of Coentrao has been relegated to the bench more than I imagined. Many were surprised by his substitution, especially in games such signal as the two of Barcelona in the Copa del Rey, before the return of the Super Cup in Camp Nou, and recently the first leg of the Champions League against CSKA.

In Europe, however, not strange, since most of Mou has thrown Brazilian Portuguese, who has left home in just two games for the six of Luso.

More matched
Anyway, Marcelo has been losing minutes and the balance has quite matched relative to the start of the season, when looking accommodate Mou Coentrao in the midfield. Since I gave up with this experiment, the Luso has been eating the Brazilian field. In aggregate, Marcelo has played two games more than teammate (27 for 25) and six as a starter (25 to 18). Within minutes, also won the Brazilian (2159 by 1769).

Mou, meanwhile, has always placed Marcelo as the first side: "Coentrao not come as left-back Marcelo is the best ever in that position," he said at the beginning of the season.


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