Friday, March 2, 2012

The Madrid is unfazed by Mourinho's journey

Real Madrid have not been nervous about the whirlwind Mourinho to London, although the British press has speculated that it is a step towards that change of scene and is in the Premiership next season.

"We do not have the slightest problem with Mourinho's trip to London," say from the club. Interpret it as a normal part of the plans of a coach who had two days off and used to search a house in the English capital and incidentally do some shopping. In fact, the Portuguese was seen photographing the streets with the people who were recognized and had no problems in traveling on a scheduled flight. Mou had nothing to hide or to hide.

One of the reasons listed in England to ensure he will leave Real Madrid is the fact that Mou took to close the purchase of a home in one of the most luxurious areas in London. It has two apartments and the purchase of this property does not meet more than a financial investment Luso coach. He also used to shop at Harrods, which he left with some donuts. Not concealed at any time.

Your tour feeds the rumor mill and you will start looking benches. There is talk of three possibilities: Chelsea, Tottenham and Arsenal. There are three options you may have open. At Chelsea it is not safe to continue his compatriot Andre Villas Boas. Also unclear is the future of Wenger at Arsenal. And, Tottenham exists the possibility of directing the end Redknapp England.

Good relationship with Florentino
's premises Bernabeu are no strangers to rumors generated by each movement of Mourinho, his statements and what happens on the bench of the leading English clubs.

But Real Madrid are planning the next season with the Portuguese, who intends to continue his winning cycle in the club. Nobody has unnerved. Quite the contrary. The energies are focused on winning the league, where they are 10 points apart, and try to get the desired Tenth. The Champions League is his main goal. Win only if the output could be raised.

Are little more than three months of the season and even the Portuguese coach will not allow that nothing can harm the good atmosphere in the workforce and its excellent relationship with Florentino, with whom he has a good tune.


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