Friday, March 2, 2012

Withdraw a notice of Pepe Reina for his alleged racist

"Do you believe that colored fellow at Liverpool will laugh with this joke?". So you ask Simon Woolley , spokesman for the Operation Black Vote (OBV), to Pepe Reina . This British organization considers one of his latest racist ad by the way in which marked out an African tribe. The advertising company has withdrawn the spot.

The insurance company has preferred signature campaign to prevent. The force of the press in the United Kingdom may harm the image of any brand, especially on an issue on which the country has a peculiar sensibility. "Queen has lived and worked here for over a decade. Do you think that is well characterized and the blacks?" Asks Woolley in words that collect Mirror Football .

The news Surprised Spanish goalkeeper in concentration of the selection. It is not the first accusation of this type that receives a Liverpool player this season. Striker Luis Suarez was punished for a racist assumptions to Evra , who plays for Manchester United.

The spokesman curious accusations end up with another question to Queen : How would he feel if England estereotipásemos to the Spanish as underdeveloped, stupid and gay?

Groupama , the advertiser, has issued a statement denying that the video removed from slipping a message offensive or discriminatory.

The Liverpool has been detached from any responsibility. Media such as The Independent suggests that the club could force Queen to publicly apologize to the level of outrage it has caused some social pressure groups.


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