Friday, March 2, 2012

Objective: London

Nuria Llagostera took late last year the important decision to continue his career only in the discipline of stunts. Teaming up with his usual partner in Elitia, Arantxa Parra, the Mallorcan expected to fulfill the objectives set for this season, among them do well in the Grand Slam and qualify for the Olympic Games in London.

"I wanted to have more tranquility." This justifies Nuria Llagostera the decision made ​​to minimize its activity in the world of the racket to the discipline of stunts. "I'm very happy. Not turn back even if you paid me. I think it was a step forward in my career and I'm enjoying a boost from the first minute. I'm happy with how things are going I in 2012, but I want the best is yet to come, "he says.

The Majorcan left to mate with Maria Jose Martinez , with whom he went on to win the WTA Championships-one Spanish couple to be crowned in this prestigious tournament, to link to Arantxa Parra , his companion in Elitia. "Like all the changes we need an adjustment period, but we compenetramos well on track," he says.

Next to the Valencia were crowned in Brisbane, signed in the second round of Australia Open and won the Fed Cup doubles against Russia.

However, in the last two occurrences of Nuria, Doha and Dubai, your partner has been the Australian Anastasia Rodionova , with whom he has two semi-finals. "Arantxa decided to stay in Barcelona to train, prepare for Acapulco fell in the first round title-defending and protecting an individual ranking does not want to lose. This makes it difficult to track time we add more, but we both knew at first that they are things that could happen, "he says.

Nuria will travel on Sunday to the U.S. to begin the tour that will take you to play on the courts of Indian Wells and Miami. "My schedule is very clear because I play all the big tournaments. It's the only way to preserve a high ranking (now ranked 21)," he says.

"The goals for this season was to make a well in the Grand Slam (his best results are the semifinals of Roland Garros 2010) and Let's play to reach the London Olympics. I do not want to retire without getting a big and enjoy a new Olympic experience, "says Nuria, who took part in the Beijing 2008 individual falling in the first round and second in doubles.

Your ticket to the Olympics going to reach the Top Ten in the classification of double; expect that Spain goal four players on the court and can aspire to select a doubles partner, receiving one of the wild card granted by the information, or expect that the choice RFET to occupy one of the places that have the Spanish delegation.

"The issue has been addressed above with Arantxa Sanchez Vicario because until it reaches the appointed date (the cut is made ​​at the conclusion of Roland Garros) A lot can happen. important thing to be excited about. also played on the grass , a surface that does not give me bad and my partner comes very well, is good news for us, "he stresses.

Despite overcoming the thirties, Nuria have confessed here to stay. "I feel physically very well and I do not lack ambition. I still think I have much to say to a tennis court," he says.

Always positive mood, smile on face and look forward stored in the raquetero, Llagostera is dismissed with a wink: "Once again we speak in a month. And may be with a title more in the honors ...".


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