Friday, March 2, 2012

Alonso leaves a good feeling in the morning

New parts were come from Maranello and even said they were assembled at night in the garage of Ferrari, who is working flat out to polish the F2012 in the three days left of winter testing.

The point is Alonso's car seemed more manageable and better traction than yesterday and last week with the configuration that was chosen early in Montmelo. Even the fastest time of the day in the third sector, the slow chicane in the car last year lost a world for Red Bull and McLaren in the GP of Spain.

Vettel was simulated pit stops mid-session and then set about making short runs with aerodynamic tests with a modified rear spoiler. His times were also good and stood at 89 thousandths of Alonso.

Vergne, with Toro Rosso, the best time of day so far in a very short stint with soft tires, but ended the day with the engine fried and starring in one of seven red flags of the day. In any case, large still far from its limits in this track, perhaps to 2.5 second fastest time possible. But the overall feel of the Ferrari is slowly changing.


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