Friday, March 2, 2012

Rossi: "We are worse"

Valentino Rossi was sunk Sepang test. The Italian expected to bridge the gap with Honda and Yamaha, but the reality was quite different. The Ducati MotoGP was the worst beating only the CRT. 'The Doctor' is far from even the possibility of fighting for the podium this season.

"The only positive note of the day is that we have reduced the gap to the front a little. We were at 1.2, and now we are 1 second. It is also nice to see that the new electronic works well, but it hurts to be so down on the table of time compared to everyone else. We tried a lot of things in order to take a step forward from the first test, but unfortunately we have not been able to do and now we are worse. I find it hard to ride well in comparison with three weeks ago, especially my cornering speed. It is true that these tests have been more difficult in terms of weather and track conditions, but we seem to affect us more than others, "he said.

"Nor have we been lucky because the best time of day when I had set 2:01.5 and had some tires to try to lower the time, had a problem with the fork that made us lose time. Maybe without that would cut into three or four tenths, but our pace is still seven tenths behind. Honestly, there is a big difference, but in any case we are still behind. We are not satisfied with how we have been the thing this time, but we must try and work hard, and see what happens in Jerez, whose track is very different from this, with different weather and temperature. We'll see how it goes there, "he concluded.


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