Saturday, October 29, 2011

Europe enjoy another month of NBA players

New kick against the same wall. NBA owners, represented by Commissioner Stern and Players Association delegates (NBAP) became mired in gross revenue sharing the League (Basketball Related Income, BRI) and this has led to two consequences immediately: no official matches of the 2011-12 season at least until next December, and Stern and discard the entire season of 82 games "under any circumstances."

And this generates another sweet effect: Europe can enjoy for an extra month of those players in the NBA now provisionally Clubs line of the Old Continent: Tony Parker, Rudy Fernandez, Serge Ibaka, Danilo Gallinari, Nenad Krstic and Andrei Kirilenko, although the latter is for the purpose NBA player totally free, no ties.

The wall where the league and its percusses players NBAP is the usual: the happy BRI. The NBAP suggested that half point could lower their demand for the BRI, from 52.5% to 52%. If Stern had raised 51% for players and 49% for the League, the agreement would have been almost ready. That hoped Billy Hunter and Derek Fisher, representing the players, the other problems were fixed. But Stern insisted on fifty-fifty, 50/50 ... and Hunter left the room. Ipso facto, Stern announced the cancellation of the last two weeks of November. "You have to have income benefits", summarizes Stern. Loss in a shipwreck, just separate them $ 80 million per season. "There is no rational way to explain this behavior," writes Ken Berger.

A coach sues to recognize that Nadal has improved his serve

The tennis coach Oscar Borras has filed a lawsuit against Rafa Nadal for the world number two recognizes that improved his serve came after receiving a master class of Alicante.

Borrás, which has an academy in Torrellano (Alicante), presented on October 26 a lawsuit against the Spaniard in the Courts of First Instance and Instruction Manacor (Mallorca).

With such a demand for conciliation, Borrás Nadal intended to recognize the influence of the class received in October 2009 in Manacor on improving their service, which was evident last term to win the U.S. Open.

According to Alicante coach, Toni Nadal who was asked for his help for the young Mallorcan tennis player was "concerned with their service" that wanted to print "as quickly and efficiently," according to the demand seen by Europa Press.

"I just want to recognize my work. Last year during the U.S. Open reached out to 210 miles per hour," he said told Europa Press, considering that last season was the most successful for the Spaniard.

On the other hand, explained that he wanted to bring before the demand for a Nadal not decenter and burst into praise for Toni Nadal, whom he described as "very humble." "I thank Toni and Rafa to leave advice. It is very difficult for a Technical let another train his pupil, but Toni is an example of humility," he said.

"Last year Rafa was awaiting the''Grand Slam''and was not the time, but now I want to be recognized," he said while emphasizing ease of learning of the Balearic Islands. "It's a''crack''in two hours and was able to polish his serve and serve to perfection," he concluded.

Del Potro will face Tsonga in the final in Vienna

Argentine tennis player Juan Martin Del Potro and Frenchman Jo-Wilfried Tsonga will play the final tournament in Vienna after beating South African Kevin Anderson semifinals (4-6, 6-3 and 4-6) and Germany's Daniel Brands (6 -2 and 7-6), respectively.

In the first semifinal, Del Potro, seeded number two in the tournament, defeated Anderson in three sets in a match in which Argentina took more than two hours to get rid of his rival. After showing some doubts in the second set,''''Delpo won the semifinal by a good percentage of first with his serve to close the party breaking the serve of his opponent.

In the other semifinal, Tsonga defeated the young Brans, from the previous round in a match where French saved five break''ball''to finally take the match in the tie-break''''of the second and final race.

Del Potro, chasing his third trophy of the season, and Tsonga, ranked eighth in the ATP, will contest the final on Sunday with the goal of qualifying for the Masters Tournament to be held next month in London.

Jorge Lorenzo on his father: "I feel ashamed"

Jorge Lorenzo , MotoGP, has responded to the words of his father in which harshly criticized Marco Simoncelli , who died recently.

The Spaniard, just after the funeral of the Italian said in his twitter that "Back home after the sad day when Marco's funeral. I thank the reception the fans have given me. As his family ".

For this reason, continues to Lorenzo, "that still makes me feel more ashamed when I read the comments out of tune you are doing my father (with whom he maintained a distant relationship) . I hope nobody thinks that I agree with what he says , because that unfortunately we could not have happened to any of us. "

Jorge Lorenzo's words come as a response earlier his father, Chicho, which alluded to deficiencies in the "mental work" of Marco Simoncelli , who died on Sunday at the Sepang circuit , and referred to the "other falls" who had suffered the Italian before the "fatal accident" in Malaysia.

According to the father of the Spanish pilot, "the bikes are the responsibility of a youth who is not ready."

Messi is reaffirmed by putting a hat-trick at Mallorca (5-0)

The Barcelona responded with a win at Mallorca (5-0) after two days with wet gunpowder, and its star, Argentine Leo Messi , back on track, with a remarkable game with a hat-trick of goals. In the absence of Messi goal mark in recent weeks, returned to speak of the Argentine, who only cares for his instincts and football, the finest expression. One more night in the Nou Camp, the Argentine border it with three goals in the first part, which entrains the club a new triumph. The Barcelona again dared to raise a party , leaving three defenders (Alves, Mascherano and Abidal), putting Messi behind three forwards and two unusual extreme, as were the Brazilian Adriano, and young Isaac Cuenca.

On the right side, he held the young Catalan was where the boat started to tip over much of his offensive game, which was right in the center basin, with Alves back to give you choices, like Messi, who moved with total freedom for all the offense behind FC Barcelona. Despite an expected party control exercised was expected to Barcelona, ​​was Joao for Mallorca who at 6 minutes was on his feet the first goal, which unaccountably missed when he was frank but topped off center. In the next minute, Barca said, but again David Villa Messi sin of homage, as the Spaniard had a clear shot and opted for a pass he did not expect the Argentine.Villa was not your night with clamorous errors, as when he stood alone in the 16 to Aouate and shot to the chest. Ultimately replaced. Messi, steady as usual, this night was more accurate passing and in combination with their peers, so he was more motivated and aware that the previous games, in which he saw how his work had little awards, including the goal. 

After Cuenca send a new center poisoned the center of the area, finding an auctioneer, in 13 Messi also tried a delayed Adriano center of the head, but found Nsue hand .The penalty Messi transformed it (1-0), who addressed the camera to celebrate both, with the fingers: 1, 2 and 3, coincidentally the number of matches was unchecked. However, like a premonition, end up being the three goals he scored in the first half. After scoring the 130 in both the League and keep only one of the legendary Ladislao Kubala, on 21 minutes a new center of Cuenca found again shot from Adriano, this time quite bad and the foot and the ball ended up at the feet of Messi, who scored the second goal from the center of the area (2-0).Barcelona, ​​without making a great game , and with no midfield Xavi (in the stands), Iniesta and Fabregas (on the bench both), had no problem controlling the game, but not be as incisive in attack. Just half an hour, the club sentenced left the party with the third goal. Was preceded by a great play by a pass to Messi and Thiago, which is bundled with another pass when he had a clear shot. On the rebound, Alves sent the ball to the center of the area deflected Messi to score his hat-trick (3-0). 

The Mallorca avoided the room shortly afterwards when Joao from the ground and beat goalkeeper touched the ball enough to clear it after an accurate shot from Adriano. There was hint of reaction from Mallorca in the second half, that despite the two changes (Crespi and Zuiverllon entered by Ramis and Tissone) returned to her state of submission and see them come. In these, the young Isaac Cuenca received the ball inside the area four minutes, dribbled to the goal and scored the fourth goal (4-0) at night. It was the sentence, if at Mallorca lacked any sign that anything could do in this game. Barça took a last feast, this time with the changes ordered, finished with a midfield consisting of Keita, Mascherano and Thiago, Puyol and Pique recovered, which entered the second half and Barça ended with two ends of the house: Isaac Basin and debutant Gerard Deulofeu. The party ended with a goal by Dani Alves after a hard shot from outside the area, having drawn a foul on Messi was caught in the midfield.

Leo Messi: "It's crazy to say that I am in crisis"

The Argentine Leo Messi, author of a hat-trick in Barcelona's win over Mallorca , 5-0, has described as "madness" that you accuse of being in crisis have not scored in recent games with the Catalan club "seems a madness to say that I am in crisis because it is three games without scoring , "said after the game against Mallorca Argentina. On his first goal celebration, which has had three cameras watching, Messi has stated that it was a dedication to a friend , curiously as he said goalkeeper Victor Valdes when he celebrated a goal with the finger.

Leo says Guardiola

The Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola has indicated that his team has recovered the nose for goal to beat Mallorca 5-0, after two successful parties face little door at Granada (0-1) and Sevilla (0-0 .) "We r eencontrado with the goal , "said Guardiola told a news conference that highlighted the" depth "have demonstrated" both outside and inside "and admitted that they must find the solution to the problems of recent games against Seville and Granada. The coach has emphasized the role of youth team players who have had prominence today as Cuenca Isaac, author of a goal that has defined as "an end you know when you have to go to a against one. " also congratulated Gerard Deulofeu for his debut with the first team , but has indicated that, at 17, still has a "progression" to consolidate in the first team. However, the main protagonist of party, Messi, who has completed another hat-trick in a Barca shirt, making judgments has dismissed after Friday made ​​a staunch defense of the Argentina international in the press conference before the game.

Real Anoeta imposes the law of least effort (0-1)

The Real Madrid lies leader after winning a Royal Society very defensive, with the fair use of resources and efforts to reserve for future bets more demanding. The Real with a somewhat revolutionary lineup of names and positions would not intimidated from the start and tried to find Iker Casillas's goal but could not careless for a moment, because every ball that came to Cristiano Ronaldo was synonymous with danger.

The whole coaching Jose Mourinho seemed local exercise because once in Gipuzkoa brazenly burst back with a five-man defense to close all possible spaces, holding on and find some spark of Mexican Carlos Vela, lonely in attack. The approach, a little timid, he came down to San Sebastian minutes before 10 when Higuain, in a state of grace in recent games, escaped all attempts of labeling and with his usual quality soft shot beat the Chilean Claudio Bravo . A Royal seemed not displeased over a result that kept him alive for the second half because the tornado had blown Madrid Real Madrid to lift off the throttle and only intermittent flashes of Ronaldo and Higuain was able to increase revenues in the first period too comfortable for visitors. Anoeta and were encouraged all San Sebastian in the second half, because Real Madrid seemed to assume that the victory was his and it was only a matter of time increase the lead, what may be expensive Carlos Vela or Griezmann if they put two separate lashes repelled by Casillas . Those of Mourinho, with a rhythm and weary, were complicated life because he believed in their chances Real as the meeting progressed and, above all, because his opponent would spare his life , as occurred in 15 of the final in a very clear opportunity for center Ronaldo Di Maria. Finally, as the Real is not to many adventures, the marker will not move and the Real Madrid lived a relatively quiet end of the game .

Vitali Klitschko is near retirement

At 40 years and after 15 years as a professional boxer, world champion Vitali Klitschko heavyweight revealed that his retirement is a fight or two away.
This was revealed by the monarch of the WBC to a chain of Ukrainian television: "I end my career, I will play one or two fights as much," he said. The boxer, 40, urged his fans not to despair by the imminence of his retirement and to support his younger brother Vladimir, which has the world titles in the World Boxing Association, International Federation of the World in heavyweights. "I would say to all those still fighting the Klitschko brothers are not left sad that Vladimir , which is five years younger than me, I will still enjoy many long battles, "he said. At the beginning of last September, Vitali Klitschko won the 43rd victory of his career, which included only two losses. Vitali plans to devote himself to the political party he founded, Ukrainian Democratic Alliance, which to date has the support of 10 thousand people.

Chicharito gives victory to Manchester United

In connection with its previous game, where they were humiliated by Manchester City, the helmsman of Manchester United, Alex Ferguson made ​​several changes in their starting lineup, including the entry of Javier Hernandez , to reconstruct the path of his squad and return to winning ways in which the Mexican striker was key to winning by the slightest difference to the whole Everton at home in the Premier League.

There is no doubt that when the Aztec player in the field, the attack ManU looks different and dangerous, and this time where the Welsh coach tried to play with the triplet formed between Chicharito, Danny Welbeck and Wayne Rooney, who at the end of the match was successful, as the goal difference was made by the Mexican romperredes, which incidentally was his fourth of the season. The goal of Javier Hernandez, who incidentally was replaced by Barbatov to 66 ', came at minute 19 on a fielder's many highlights, which was masterfully completed by the Mexican striker, after the band left the Frenchman Patrice Evra's arrival focused Chicharito, who with the left foot had no problems leaving no opportunity for American goalkeeper Tim Howard, who was a spectator only.

Arrives to Barcelona 'Evasion Running', a new concept of shop

The offer of 'Evasion Running' is structured in 3 areas: 'running', trail and triathlon. Your salespeople analyze customer footfall to determine what make and model that fits your foot, do test products, good nutrition, shoes, etc.. and training with buyers to understand their feelings.

In addition, the 'runners' who want to improve their records or any person who intends to enter the world of 'running' has the possibility to join the 'Blue Line Evasion Running', a community of riders who race prepared at different levels.


At the opening of the store, located in Avinguda Sarrià-9, was attended by athletes from different disciplines. Fauritte Michel, head of the chain, and Sergio Martinez, store manager of Barcelona, ​​acted as hosts and presented each of them: Mario Mola, world triathlon champion in junior category, Miguel Quesada, a specialist in 800 m ., Sergio Garcia, 1500 European runner-up in 2007, the marathon Leiva Jaume, the innkeeper Carles Castillejos, hurdler Jackson Quinonez and Cristina de Medrano athlete.

The party was entertained by a DJ, ended with a big surprise: a flashmob to the rhythm of 'The Eye of the Tiger'.

Ferrer-Verdasco, mourning star of the first day of l'Open Valencia

Ferrer, top seed and defending tournament title, will have a difficult hurdle in the first round against the Spaniard Verdasco, in a match tournament director, Antonio Martínez Cascales, defined as "worthy of a final" and pointed there pairings "incredibly attractive."

But it has not been the only star pairing for the first round of the tournament, the draw has been defined as duels against Nikolay Davydenko of Gilles Simon, Nicolas Almagro against Juan Monaco or the battle between two of the younger players and promising circuit as Marin Cilic and Milos Raonic.

Other parties will be interesting to star Frenchman Gael Monfils (3) to Albert Montanes or the Argentine Juan Martin del Potro (6) to Dmtry Tursunov.

The current tournament runner-up, Marcel Granollers, will have a difficult start to the Ukrainian Alexandr Dolgopolov (7), while Juan Carlos Ferrero will debut at one of four players from the previous phase to reach the final table and Feliciano Lopez (8) is measured at Alex Bogomolov Jr. American

The young tennis player from Madrid Javier Marti, one of the guests for the organization, has not had much luck in the draw and will play against the second seeded Frenchman Jo-Wilfried Tsonga.

Of the remaining representatives of the 'Spanish Armada', failing which they may make his move from pre Guillem López García will face a player from the qualifying round, Daniel Gimeno-Traver will face Italian Fabio Fognini; and Pablo Andujar to the veteran Argentine playmaker Juan Ignacio Chela.

A coach Nadal demand

The tennis coach Oscar Borras has filed a lawsuit against Rafael Nadal for the world number two recognizes that improved his serve came after receiving a master class of Alicante.

Borrás, which has an academy in Torrellano (Alicante) , presented on October 26 a lawsuit against the Spaniard in the Courts of First Instance and Instruction Manacor (Mallorca).

With such a demand for conciliation, Borrás Nadal intended to recognize the influence of the class that was in October 2009 in Manacor on improving their service, which was evident last term to win the U.S. Open.

According to the coach from Alicante, was Toni Nadal who sought their help for the young Mallorcan tennis player was "concerned with their service" that wanted to print "as quickly and efficiently," according to the demand seen by Europa Press.

" I just want to recognize my work . Last year during the U.S. Open reached out to 210 miles per hour, "he said told Europa Press, considering that last season was the most successful for the Spaniard.

On the other hand, explained that he wanted to bring before the demand for a Nadal not decenter and burst into praise for Toni Nadal, whom he described as "very humble." "I thank Toni and Rafa to leave advice. It is very difficult for a Technical let another train his pupil, but Toni is an example of humility," he said.

"Last year Rafa was awaiting the 'Grand Slam' and was not the time, but now I want to be recognized," he said while emphasizing ease of learning of the Balearic Islands. "It's a 'crack' and in two hours was able to polish his serve and serve to perfection , "he concluded.

Shaquille O'Neal teaches how to dance to Justin Bieber

Besides being one of the players in the NBA history, Shaquille O'Neal is a real showman. "The pivot has again demonstrated that their skills not only reduces the low post but also the dance floor. Remember that dance with Dwight Howard in the All-Star'07 held in Las Vegas? For O'Neal becomes willing to give everything to instruct the young pop star Justin Bieber.

Both are challenged in a duel but it is clear who took the upper hand. Shaq is still the king.

Postponed World Tour NBA All-Star

The postponement of the first game he was going to be played in San Juan, Puerto Rico's capital, there was no more news that labor negotiations between the union and the NBA players were suspended without agreement and no date for return to the negotiating table .

In addition, the NBA commissioner, David Stern, was also officially released the cancellation of the last two weeks of competition at the November regular season following the breakdown of negotiations and keep the lockout that already has 120 days set by the team owners.

The organizers had planned on its list of participants for the tour to Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, Dwight Howard and Dwyane Wade.
Other star players committed to the tour are Amare Stoudemire, Blake Griffin, Carlos Boozer, Chris Kaman, Chris Bosh, Kevin Garnett Kevin Love, Paul Pierce, Rajon Rondo and Tyson Chandler. However, the star forward LeBron James (Miami Heat) and Carmelo Anthony (New York Knicks) along with guard Chris Paul (New Orleans Hornets), had decided to unsubscribe from the list for personal and family reasons.

In addition to the game to be played in San Juan, the tour also includes five more, including two in London, one in Macao and two in Melbourne (Australia). It is estimated that given the full tour of six exhibition games, participants will have to spend 52 hours of flying.

A day of glory ... not only for Iniesta

On October 29, 2002 will always be a big day in the history of FC Barcelona for the official debut of Andres Iniesta with the first team, but it was memorable for other youth players who enjoyed the most memorable game of their careers. The Blaugrana were measured at Bruges in the Champions League first group stage, as classified, and Van Gaal turned to the subsidiary. Iniesta and Dani Tortolero formed in the starting lineup while David Sanchez and Sergio Garcia came in the second half. Oleguer was released on a list and Nano lived with the game from the bench.

It was a day of glory did not last for most of them. Dani Tortolero, currently in Girona, recalls how "I played in central defense in the 3-4-3 with Puyol and Fernando Navarro on both sides. Andrew played pivot forward and not stop to ask for the ball. Showed the same calm that when he played for Barça B and if it could happen. Off the field may seem shy, but inside is very safe and did not seem nervous as the debut. "

Dani remembers the match in Bruges as "the most important of my career," along with the debut at the Camp Nou against Galatasaray in the next day in a rough game: "I was so eager to leave when asked if Van Gaal was a point, said yes. Only had two runs in the heat and cold. I left, sprint and I got injured. I said nothing and hold until five minutes in the absence of the hamstring would not let me continue. It was my last game for Barca. Van Gaal was fired and I think even Antic knew and did not tell me. "

For his part, David Sanchez continued his career at Atletico Baleares ambitious project in the Second Division B and still remembers with emotion the only minutes in which he played with the first team: "I have kept this special shirt with the crest of the Champions League. Then I was called in the league in Vigo, in the final game of Van Gaal, In Bruges entered by Gabri and although I could not participate much, one minute was wonderful. His debut with the club is bigger. First I played in other teams and countries, but people remember me for the club. "

David saw most of the game on the bench and stresses that "Iniesta did well, as always, because he can not play badly. He was the youngest of those who went to Bruges, but we conveyed a seriousness and confidence. Over the years he had the courage, patience and, above all, the quality to continue and consolidate. Now is the best Spanish player by far and the world, with their characteristics, can only be overcome Messi. We are proud to have been his companion. "

Shared midfielder Iniesta costume four years before moving precisely in the professional team that grew up to Fuentealbilla, Albacete. Despite having to leave, David notes that "playing at the club was very large. Thanks to this club was able to build a professional career that I am very proud. " And you can always say that debuted next to Andres Iniesta.

Vettel gets pole and Alonso will start third

Vettel, author of thirteen year 'poles', it follows thus approaching the record of Britain's Nigel Mansell, who made 14 in 1992.

The brand new world champion will be joined on the front row by teammate Mark Webber, thanks to the penalty of three positions on Friday imposed the British Lewis Hamilton (McLaren) by the judges.

He also Jenson Button (McLaren) will accompany Alonso in the second row from the fourth position. Brazilian Felipe Massa (Ferrari), which will start fifth, finished lot in a "piano" and broke the right front suspension of his car, and will start from the third row next to the Hamilton penalized. The Spanish Alguersuari (Toro Rosso) will start tenth with his team mate Sebastien Buemi.

Meanwhile, Mexican Sergio Perez (Sauber), who as Hamilton had been penalized with the loss of three seats on Friday, depart from the tenth row despite having been seventeenth.

The League will use a new ball from this day

From this day, the eleventh in the First Division, there will be a new ball in the league , which will remain during the winter months.

The First and Second teams play their games division with a spherical yellow with purple bands , which is introduced in this conference because of their greater visibility due to the time change.

Until now, the ball that was used in both categories was white, a color that is usually chosen for the summer months.

The ball, manufactured by American brand Nike, has been called 'Seitiro Hi-Vis' , and is also used in the English Premier League and Serie A.

Talks collapse: no NBA in November

History repeated itself with the end of three days of talks between team owners and players union without a deal, which led the NBA commissioner, David Stern, cancel all regular season games until 30 November.

Stern said that "it is not possible, practical and prudent" for the league play the full schedule of 82 regular season games. The commissioner acknowledged that both sides had made progress on issues related to the wage system and a contract during today's talks, but all was locked when it came to the main point of the collective agreement, the distribution of income.

Stern reiterated the league's final offer remained equal sharing to 50-50, but the executive director of the players union, Billy Hunter, said they did not think to go below 52 percent.

"He (Billy Hunter) closed its agenda, he rose from the table to leave the meeting room," said Stern. "This is where we are." Neither party has set a new date for the negotiations back on track.

Meanwhile, the players union president, guard Derek Fisher, Los Angeles Lakers, reiterated that it was not the day to reach an agreement, the owners did not accept the 52.5 percent of revenue sharing, Stern kept his word of more cancellations.

"We have no assurance of when we can meet, but we are always open for that to happen at any time as demonstrated above," said Fisher. "We stopped talking for today and now."

Fisher reiterated that he had approached the positions on the issue of revenue sharing and said that they were not sure if the owners were going to offer 50 percent or 47. "What is clear is that we will not rush into an agreement for the next six years in which future professionals to be harmed," said Fisher. "The problem is we do not know exactly what is offered by the owners in the distribution of income."

Fisher reiterated that down to 52.5 percent would mean that players would lose $ 100 million per season, if you accept 50 percent would be 200 and that is something that union members are not willing to assume.

For his part, Hunter reported that the league began the session of six hours on Friday with a return to the initial offer of 47 percent in revenue sharing and then back to the 50. However, completely rejected Stern's characterization Fisher and Hunter had given the meeting and stressed to reporters that the league has always maintained the 50 percent.

In that sense, Hunter was adamant the negotiating table that the players, "by any means" would accept 50 percent.

"Derek (Fisher) and I were very clear to say from the beginning of this process a revenue share of 50 percent for each part was not to be taken by union members," said Hunter. "Much less with the concessions that have been players in other parts of the wage system and contracts."

Hunter reiterated that the goal of negotiations is to achieve an agreement that all parties have to give, other than just the players who lost. "It is clear that the players have made concessions, but the result shows that the talks have not been enough for the owners," said Fisher.

Both sides also recognized that the section of the salary cap in the NBA's economic system had also generated a large number of problems and confrontations. "What happens is that once again the owners did not act in good faith in negotiations and it shows when they get the key points that are expected to approach positions and simply say that they have to balance their books," complained Hunter. "The offer of 50-50 percent know it is not fair and fool us again."

Although players will miss the payment of the first paycheck on the 15th of November, each will receive $ 100,000 compensation tank they have had with the old agreement and that they were returned by the NBA not having reached the last season 57 percent in revenue sharing.

Fisher said that money will allow players to not have to be pressed to sign an agreement which will regret later.

Terrible ankle and wrist injuries in the World Series

The player Mike Napoli had a bad night's game Thursday night, seriously injuring his ankle, as shown in the video above. But he was not the only injured in the game between the Rangers and St. Louis . Left fielder Matt Holliday will not be in the World Series roster with rookie Adron Chambers. The group announced that Holliday suffered a right wrist injury. The St. Louis left jadrinero suffered what was thought to be a severe bruise on the little finger of his right hand to be caught at third base on a catcher's throw of the Rangers, Mike Napoli, in the sixth inning of Game 6. Holliday said the third baseman Adrian Beltre stepped on his finger on the play. Allen Craig then replaced Holliday. Rachit Go injured in the World Series!

Bradley acknowledges that will not risk to Casamayor

At 16 days of his debut as Top Rank fighter, undefeated American Timothy Bradley held a press conference where he admitted that his style is not flashy but more effective. The boxer nicknamed "Desert Storm" will face within the Pacquiao undercard. Marquez III, the veteran Joel Casamayor in what will be the fourth defense of the sash Bradley Super Lightweight World Boxing Organization. "I may not see or have tremendous bright knockouts, but I fight to win. I fight to win each one of the rounds. I will not become something I'm not. There will be a big puncher.'ll win and do it well, "said the fighter from California, who are unbeaten since their debut in 2004. Bradley, 28 stressed does not plan to work differently at any time, as the seek to be a knockout fighter as much risk it being stopped trying to be something he is not. In his last fight, Bradley managed to stop his compatriot Alexander Devon technical decision in 10 rounds. "We have been working since the fight with Alexander in boxers become more technical and less reckless. We work to accommodate more hits and increase power. You will see a different face Casamayor Bradley," he concluded.

'Tyson' Marquez 'Nica' Concepcion are ready for all

The Mexican champion Hernan Marquez and his challenger Luis Concepcion, Panama, the weight smoothly declared themselves ready to prove who is the best flyweight in the world. They will meet this Saturday at the Multipurpose Center in Hermosillo, Sonora, Tyson and the game will fly crown World Boxing Association who snatched at the same Nica Conception. Both fighters showed the division limit: 112 lbs. "I am aware of the risk that exists. For if he as a champion and I as a challenger in his house tried to head off now as a champion and in my house will make it even more noticeable. But never mind, I am with my people and when I miss batons forces vencderlo help me, "he told, Tyson Marquez minutes after completion of the weighing. The Tyson announced that this fight is very important for the future of his career, because a win would seek the unification of crowns with who wins the fight between the Hawaiian Brian Viloria and Mexican Giovani Segura.

Cardinals completes his epic World Series conquest

The St. Louis Cardinals, the team that never daunted, on Friday were devoted champions of the World Series for the tenth first time in their history after beating Rangers 6-2 to Texas. In the first seventh game in a World Series since 2002, Chris Carpenter showed his race by launching six innings for the Cardinals with three days off. In addition, unexpected heroes David Freese and Allen Craig again be crucial to their bats. Craig hit a home run that gave the lead for St. Louis in the third inning and Freese hit an RBI double two-run served to clear away early bird advantage of Texas, who paid dearly for the lack of control of their pitchers. To the delight of a full house of 47,399 fans at Busch Stadium, Jason Motte retired David Murphy with a fly to left field for the final out. Led by Tony La Russa, the Cardinals celebrated over another crown and first since 2006.

They also established themselves as the second team with more titles from the majors, behind only the 27 of the New York Yankees. One night after surviving after meeting twice a strike away from being eliminated, San Luis became the 19th set in history that turned a 3-2 disadvantage in the Fall Classic to devote. It was a sad ending for the Rangers, the first team to succumb in two consecutive classics from Atlanta in 1991-92.

The Cardinals, however, is became the fifth wild card to be crowned champion and first since Boston Red Sox 2004. In no better way might be when considering the turmoil the team from the North Central United States first had to pass to sneak in the playoffs and then knock down one favorite after another. She had to overcome a difference of 10 ½ games to remove the wildcard to Atlanta on the last day of the regular season. She had to rebound after going 2-1 against in first-round series against the Philadelphia Phillies, owners of the best record in the regular season. Then he let out to Milwaukee, the rival who beat him in the AL Central by six games apart. 'And of course the two comebacks from the previous night in which Freese tied the game in the ninth inning with a triple and defined with a home run in the eleventh.

Texas struck first when Josh Hamilton and Michael Young hit consecutive doubles in the initial entry to go up 2-0. Carpenter struggled and retired to his first batter until the fifth struck out Adrian Beltre. The Rangers could have done more in that inning, but the receiver Yadier Molina Ian Kinsler surprised too far from the initial one. It was the second time in the series that Molina threw out a similar move Kinsler. But the hero of the night before was responsible for reviving the fans. After taking the first two outs, Rangers starter Matt Harrison gave the tickets Albert Pujols followed and Lance Berkman. Freese came to bat and hit a 3-2 pitch into account his double to left for a 2-2 draw. St. Louis went ahead 3-2 with the third homer of the series of Craig, an opposite field homer to the right with a out. The ball landed in the Cardinals' bullpen, reliever Octavio Dotel where he raised his arm in approval.

Craig was a starter because Matt Holliday, the head of left, is out after injuring his right wrist being pulled out in third base. Craig also wore stealing a home run to Nelson Cruz to pull the glove over the fence in the sixth. While Carpenter was less to more, the Texas pitching lost the compass. St. Louis off the fifth with two runs without additional get the ball infield to the reelvistas Scott Feldman and CJ Wilson, an entry of three walks, one intentional, and two balls. The races went in with a ticket to a pitch to Molina and Rafael Furcal.

Carpenter, in just his second start of his career with three days' rest, gave up six hits and two walks. He struck out five first pitcher in a decade to make three starts in a World Series mims, Carpenter was relieved by Arthur Rhodes after allowing a double to David Murphy to open the seventh Harrison allowed three runs, five hits and three walks in four innings. The sixth entry in San Luis fell in the seventh with Molina's single to center, the ninth RBI of the Puerto Rican in the series. The Rangers did not lose consecutive games since late August and the two-game losing streak in San Luis will hurt for long. And so wrote the epilogue to a full season marked by spectacular comebacks and humiliating collapse. It was also the pin for an unforgettable postseason in which 38 of the 41 played games planned.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Proposed two-year sanction for Mosquera

Thirteen months after his positive test for hydroxyethyl in the Tour of Spain, the case looks and Ezequiel Mosquera of the solution path. Victoria Carmen Lopez, judge in the case has raised a proposal for sanction of two years to the Competition Committee of the Spanish Federation, who will finally decide.

Hydroxyethyl, expander artificial colloidal plasma, obtained from corn starch, is a possible masking of other doping products. A Mosquera was detected after stage win of the Ball of the World, which earned him second place in the Tour 2010, after Nibali.

Galician rider joined this year by the Dutch team has withdrawn Vacansoliel align all season for this case.

Engine problems in the Ferrari Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso has not started with a good feeling its participation in the India Grand Prix Formula 1, where his Ferrari suffered an engine problem in the first free practice session that forced him to retire after shooting only four laps.

The Spanish rider F150's tirade was a loophole in the second sector, and from the computer engineers were asking him to stop the car Alonso to avoid further damage the parts.

Thus, the Spaniard retired to the pits and terminating the first books with the worst time of all drivers, 1:35.899.

He also suffered problems Alguersuari, who had an off in his Toro Rosso finished banging against the fence, with no other consequences that some damage to the car, but may be REPEROS for the second session, scheduled for 10:30 hours Spanish.

In these first free the best time was awarded to Lewis Hamilton (McLaren), which stood in front of the classification on the last lap before the checkered flag, beating the Red Bull of Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber, while the other McLaren, Jenson Button was fourth.

Mary Basque: "It takes a change in the leadership of the Federation"

It is training with the sole aim of the London Olympics, an event that is fast approaching for athletes: "The time flies. We do not have to rush but I can not sleep, "says the athlete Viladecans.

The British will be their fifth game, quite a feat, but she feels more than capable, "I'm old, but for this sport is very important maturity. I am much stronger mentally. Physically I have to do is recover well from training and not training to do so many races, "he says.

Ensures that the poor performance of the Daegu World of the Spanish delegation did not press more than face up to the Games, "Every one gets the pressure. This is an individual sport and honestly I think of myself. Among all, if you think about it and try to do my best, try to do a good job for our country's medal, "he argues. Her goal in London is clear: "Making history again. I am on the podium. A medal would be a last, "says Mary to remember that there will be his farewell:" Surely will endure for another year, but not at the same level. Not so engaged professionally as now. Now combine work with sport. Would make a training day and then to work. " Go to work, but the Catalan athlete does not know yet what to pursue: "I think in London but also in my future. I've been going 26 years now I have to find work. Now I'm wondering what I would do. Surely be related to the sport, but no coach. I do not know if it would, but I do not see myself doing coach. I love marketing, fashion, beauty Even if it has nothing to do with sports. I think I can give my experience a lot of sport, but I do not know through what channel.

Maria says that athletes can not live apart from the problems plaguing society: "The theme of the crisis we have it all unless you're a player or drive a Formula One to me this year I have not done too well, I have a scholarship and very sad. I this year I can go through DKV Seguros. If not for them would be a year very, very, very hard. It is a pre-Olympic year when I should be thinking only prepare for the London Olympics and I have to be aware of how to make a living. It is very strong. It is contradictory, "complains the walker, the only Spanish athlete with an Olympic medal.

`Basque warrior says what things by their name, not hidden. He complains about how to take athletics in the Federation: "We need a change in the leadership of the Federation. As athletes are demanding change is also needed in the Federation. There are other eyes that otherwise focused primarily because sometimes it feels that the blame for the medals are not just athletes. We are the first to want the medals. We are the train and yet sometimes we receive a scholarship that is crap. In addition, each year we have to go renew while they do the federation did not have to renew a scholarship, "he said with some degree of indignation.

Do not mind being in the federation, but in the driving section, and if something would change the federal system is the system of scholarships: "We have to renew a scholarship every year and this is a very big psychological pressure. The scholarships would be renewed every four years, for example showing each year a minimum, "he reflects after stating that" I would not be president of the Federation, but being in the driving section, "said the Catalan athlete in March, Championship of Spain, London Square to look for "so and forget and focus on preparation," he says.

The big deal: everyone wants to win with the debut of the Formula 1 in India

Greater Noida (India). (Dpa) .- This is a big business, and nobody wants to be outside. Neither automobile manufacturers nor the country itself, much less the "strong man" of Formula 1 , Bernie Ecclestone , all seek the Grand Prix in India will perform at its best. Rarely is there so much overlap in Formula 1 as given this time: there is almost no market more important than India for consortia to compete in the outskirts of New Delhi, the brand new circuit in Greater Noida. Long ago that teams and their sponsors want to be part of the huge economic boom of the Earth's most populous after China. The race is "very important" for Mercedes, told dpa chief engine of the company, Norbert Haug. "We know that Formula 1 will be received with great enthusiasm in India," said Haug. For the German manufacturer, beyond the sporting aspects, this time in play opportunities. "There is a dynamic middle class and a rapid growth in the automotive market," said Haug. The figures speak for themselves. The growth in the market for luxury cars was in India in 2010 of between 70 and 80 percent compared with the previous year. In a country of 1,200 million people moving limousines 15,000 may seem a modest figure, but India is a rising Tremeda. Supported by its presence in Formula 1, Mercedes wants to surpass BMW. "India is an important market for us that is growing rapidly, and our colleagues in the country Appropriate use, with our help, the premiere of Formula 1," enthused Haug, representative of the only German manufacturer of cars left in the Formula 1. Even greater are the dimensions in the sale of small cars in India: in 2010 were about two million, up 31 percent over the previous year. "In the coming months we expect a further increase of between 14 and 16 percent, "said spokeswoman SIAM, Rinki Verma, a few months ago. The prognosis and was overwhelmed, because so far this year the increase is 32 percent. So, no wonder that all equipment Ecclestone support in her bid to "new territories" in Formula 1. also for India, where cricket beyond just no room for other sports, the debut is an opportunity. Although they are making the leap from developing country to economic power, there are still enormous social differences. Whereas, for example, the team leader-Force India, Vijay Mallya, boasts of his billions, New Delhi in the giant queen in large parts a huge poverty. The Indian per capita income is not even about $ 1,400 year, and Mercedes says it hopes to improve the situation by Formula 1. "Economic growth in India will join the Formula 1 will help create new jobs and alleviate poverty," said Haug.

Bolt: "I break your ass training, vomiting"

The Jamaican athlete Usain Bolt, triple world record holder, acknowledged that the competition does not think beat new records, but concentrates solely on winning "to be happy and that people are happy."

"I do not think breaking records. I always concentrate on winning. I break your ass training every day, vomiting, I have migraines Why should I let someone beat me if I work so hard?" He said in an interview published in the journal 'FHM Bionic,''which includes Europe Press.

Bolt does not rule change if it believes that athletic discipline has achieved all its goals in the 100 and 200m. "I think I would become a legend if I can keep Olympic titles, if I can break a few more records. Then it would not be much to do in the 100 and 200 meters, so * why not try something new?" asked the sprinter who could focus on longer distances or length.

"If I do the 400, I may withdraw from the 100 because the training is different. Probably continue with the 200, but if I spend to long jump I can still continue with the sprints. The good news is retiring at the top, the problem is knowing when you've reached the peak. I think, given my character, if I run the 400 should do well. I'm not saying going to break records, but it should get out well, "he added.

It is also aware that it must make the most of its glory years. "My goal is to make sure to keep my lifestyle the rest of my days. I have to keep winning and all that comes from training. Nobody likes to work hard, but you have to do if you want to be the best. And that I do. There is pressure. I know that people want to do well, but I want to do well for myself. If I do, I'm happy people are happy, "he said.

Despite all his efforts as an athlete, Bolt confessed "lazy". "I will not do much when I retire. Probably will ride a business, do not know why, but I just want to get to the office and put your feet on the table," he said.

Ramsay, in the first round leader, Sergio Garcia was the best Spanish

Ramsay, winner of the South African Open last year, submitted the best card of the day thanks and five birdies on the hole eagle-eleven, with whom he beat England's Ross Fisher, with 67 (-4), French Gregory Havret, with 68 (-3), and Scotsman Stephen Gallacher, 68 (-3), the other highlights of this day.

Sergio Garcia has confirmed in the first round of the Andalucia Masters in Castellon his triumph was not a flash in and back on track.

Your card of 70 strokes (one under par) has been confirmed as the best Spanish of the opening day, which has been accompanied by the wind-damaged as the day wore on, and at times by rain, which, fortunately, took to appear.

Sergio Garcia improved in the second sleeve in the first two birdies, had succeeded in that hole even once-the second longest, clone 500 meters, made an eagle, spiced up with birdies on holes 10, 16 and 18. However, three bogeys, at 12, 14 and 17 - and a double bogey, at 13 -, handcuffed to leave progression with a total of 70 strokes (-1).

The Malaga Miguel Angel Jimenez "tarnished" his first round with four birdies with two bogeys which amended the holes-in one and 6 -, and a second in which he 'went through' the hole 18, which was double bogey.

Until then made par on six holes, bogeyed 12, birdied 15 and 18 with the fateful double bogey that made him finish with 71 hits (pair).

Alejandro Canizares was another prominent among the Spanish players. The Spaniard made five birdies on the course, which neutralized the three bogeys and a double bogey on the hole-7 - to end 71 (par for the course).

Ignacio Garrido came within one stroke of Madrid, with 72 (one over par), with a second set in which each time he found best.

Gonzalo Fernandez Castano finished with 73 (+2) on a tour which had the best outcome for holes 11 and 12 with respective birdies.

In a single stroke of Pablo Larrazabal was Gonzalo (with 74), who made par on his first nine holes, but then racked up four bogeys in nine.

Alvaro Quiros had the burden of six bogeys and a double bogey on the hole-7 - that reduced performance, although in the latter part of the journey took three birdires and other par three holes. Finally got 76 hits (five over par).

Jose Maria Olazabal was also far from the best on the first day, totaling 75 strokes (+4).

Santiago Luna, with 76 hits (+5), had a second part of the course more irregular, which had four bogeys, with one birdie.

Rafael Cabrera, with a card of 78 (+7), had its fateful afternoon in the second part of the course, in the 14-hole bogey-double, and above all, the 17, three strokes.

Soderling, low in the Bilbao Masters mononucleosis

The Swedish player Robin Soderling will miss, as was announced, the Tennis Masters Bilbao IV to be held next December, after the world number six communicate a little over a month suffering from mononucleosis, according to Wednesday informed the organization of the tournament.

"Soderling has contacted us and told us that it is very complicated its presence in Bilbao, and prefers to announce ahead of time so that we can find a substitute for collateral. Since the organization of Bilbao we wish him a speedy recovery and convey that has the door open for this year and onwards if you can finally recover, "he said from the organization of Bilbao Masters.

Soderling, who could not play the U.S. Open and has also given to other tournaments such as Stockholm, hopes to return sooner to the tracks. The Scandinavian player does not play a tournament since July. "There are days I feel very tired and I can not move. Sometimes my body reacts and sometimes not. Just think about being healthy," said Soderling last few dates to the Swedish media to explain his absence from the tournament of his country.

Mononucleosis, which also affected Roddick last season, is characterized by headache and generate muscle, abdominal discomfort and extreme tiredness.

The decline of Swedish tennis player "is a disappointment, really bad luck," admitted Alberto Larrondo, who, however, guaranteed that "the final picture will not endanger Bilbao and will be very attractive."

Milos joins the tournament Raonic

Thus, the organization of the tournament continues to design the table in the absence of less than two months to the start of the Masters. For now, one that will be in the tennis court that will be enabled in Bilbao Miribilla Arena, 12 to December 18 will be the Canadian Milos Raonic.

The number 28 of the ATP and semifinalist in Stockholm a few days ago, and made an excellent impression in the final tournament last Bilbao, which was agreed from the previous one.

"It will be a good occasion to witness to a value higher. Raonic is called to occupy one of the top five ranking of ATP and we can see evolution in Bilbao, and probably in the near future will be more complicated presence . If this season had not been injured at Wimbledon, now would probably be in the''top 10'', said Larrondo.

Milos Raonic is added in this way, David Ferrer, the world number five, Nicolas Almagro, number 11, and Tommy Robredo, winning the Masters last year, a list of players to be completed with other players recognized and level.

IV Bilbao Masters Tennis

The pavilion will house Miribilla both upstream, from 12 to 15 December as the final stage (Friday 16, Saturday 17 and Sunday 18). After three editions of previous years, the IV Bilbao Masters Tennis tournament has become the most important high-level competition that takes place in Euskadi.

"Rafa is not a technical virtuoso like Federer"

Toni Nadal, uncle and coach of world number two Rafael Nadal, is convinced that the perfect player combines the best qualities of Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer with a strong mind of his nephew.

"The perfect player would ease coordination and Federer hitting, tactics and sacrifice of Djokovic and Rafael mentality," he said in an interview in the magazine FHM Bionic'',''which includes Europe Press.

The coach denied that his pupil's play depends on both the physical as they say. "As the years have passed its technical condition has improved. What is not a virtuoso like Federer? Clearly. But you can not think their games based on the physical. That's lack of common sense," he said.

While acknowledging that at times has been very demanding for the Spaniard, has always believed that "how far the slack." "I have been hard with my nephew for the fact that my nephew. With other players I was not so hard. We must be demanding full access to the sites up and not settle for ever," he said.

"It is essential mno always be satisfied"

As explained by the coach, the greatest strength of Rafa Nadal, his mind, feeds the continuous desire to improve. "I like to train as needed. All my life I have been very important to talk and motivation, not only for parties, but to move forward. It is essential that you are never satisfied with what you've done," said .

In fact he is convinced that it should be "the tough-minded" and "highly concentrated" to devote himself to tennis, "basically a mental sport," but believes it is an aspect that can be trained. "Rafael has never thrown a racket to the ground because, first, I had bothered to economic and, second, mentally, because it means surrender to adversity, and that I have not allowed before," he added.

On the other hand is aware that the serve is still the unfinished business of Mallorca, but Nadal has recognized that "a further difficulty" to be clever and play with his left foot. "And the train does not transmit well below the upper body, such coordination is difficult for him and it costs more to have consistency in the service. But his mental condition is so strong that it believes that, for many years that will cost improvement, will continue working, "he said.

In addition to his technique of serve, Nadal fighting for six years with the physical discomfort. "Rafael had a problem in 2005 in his left foot. There was to get some templates that supports change and that made his body suffer various problems, and there is nothing to do but to adjust to playing with pain and discomfort," he resigned.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

The other battle settles Masters of shouts and silences

The WTA have decided, finally, take action on the matter. At first, the screams and you currently can not be screaming call Did grace to many, including the public, which flocked to Maria Sharapova matches, Victoria Azarenka Portuguese Michelle Larcher or De Brito, the champion scream, reaching over 110 decibels. But now the reviews have begun to arrive from all sides: from their own players and opponents and the public that a match between Sharapova (101 decibels) and Azarenka (95), has to endure when it surpasses in every scrimmage, and far the limit set by the World Health Organization (70 decibels).

In the past U.S. Open Serena Williams was fined because, with their cry, had bothered to rival Australia's Samantha Stosur. That is precisely what many, including world number one, Caroline Wozniacki, fear: that the maximum power screams become an element of the game. "I think some do it on purpose. In practice do not scream, "said the Danish so one of the` affected ¿, Victoria Azarenka, Istanbul Masters semifinals, along with Czech Petra Kvitova, answer "not trying to mislead, is a part of me. I can not change and I will not do it. " It so happens that the players who are screaming in the hit from the same school: the Bollettieri Academy. Be the first to visit the WTA to try to avoid the situation in the future. In competition, Wozniacki added a second defeat could mean his farewell, something that kept beating Radwanska Zvonareva eliminated. The Danish depends on the match between Agnieszka and Kvitova. If Poland wins a set, the number one will go home.

Tommy Haas goes to the quarterfinals and will face Del Potro

German Tommy Haas, world number 273, won his match against Slovenian Aljaz Beden 4-6, 6-4, 6-1 and will face in the quarterfinals to Juan Martin del Potro.

Haas, who in May 2002 he became the No. 2 world ranking, again qualifying for the quarterfinals of a tournament after the last time to get it in 2009 during the Washington Open.

His rival, del Potro, has prepared its set-up for the match against Haas held today, along with Radel Czech Stepanek, the doubles for the second round of the tournament against the Austrians Andreas Haider-Maude and Philipp Oswald, those who have earned a double 6-4.

The German Daniel Brands, No. 182 world ranking, has defeated in straight sets, 6-4, 7-6 (4) the Radeck Czech Stepanek, No. 26 world ranking and seeded fourth in the tournament.

On the other hand, Belgian Steve Darcis has defeated Austrian Dominic Thiem by a double 6-2.

These three players, Haas, Brands and Darcis, had to play the preliminary tournament to qualify and join the main draw. This fact, that three players from the previous phase will qualify for the quarterfinals, last occurred in 2009 during the Moscow Open, and the last time a player from the previous phase of the tournament was won same year but in the St Petersburg Open was won by the Ukrainian Sergiy Stakhovsky.

Frenchman Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, No. 9 in the world and seeded in Vienna, has also qualified for the quarterfinals of the tournament by default, in the third set, his rival, the Finn Jarkko Nieminen. Despite the withdrawal, the score was in favor of the French by a 3-6, 6-1 and 3-1.

In the other matches, Belgian Xavier Malisse won the Italian Fabio Fognini and Austrian Melzer JUGENE Spanish has defeated Guillermo Garcia-Lopez.

Del Potro successful debut at the German Petzschner

Argentina's Juan Martin del Potro won his debut at the Vienna tournament German Philipp Petzschner 6-3, 6-4 in one hour and 27 minutes to advance to the third round of this competition, the ATP and equipped with 650,000 euros in prize money.

Del Potro, second seed, will face the winner of the match between Germany's Tommy Haas, who beat the Argentine Juan Ignacio Chela, and Slovenian Aljaz Beden.

Azarenka and Kvitova already in semifinals

Victoria Azarenka and Petra Kvitova remain undefeated in the WTA Championships in Istanbul, where he reached the semifinals yesterday. The Belarusian fourth in the world, passed over China's Li Na for a double 6-2. Before, he had defeated Samantha Stosur.

Meanwhile, the Czech Kvitova surprising champion at Wimbledon this year, took advantage of the fatigue that showed Caroline Wozniacki (even the doctor had to take full advantage tension) to defeat 6-4, 6-2. The Danes, who thanks to Sharapova's bad tournament (two defeats and withdrawal) will end up as number one, you still have options to contest the semi-finals as one Zvonareva defeated Radwanska who squandered three match.

The second target group it played between Na Li and Samantha Stosur.

Barca is more concerned with the semi-final World Cup final

Although the Club World Cup is still relatively far in the medium term and Barcelona have to cope with their qualification for the next phase of the Champions League and then the game against Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabeu, the technical already planning the next title that can drop this season.

The tournament, which takes place this year in Japan, has several 'handicaps' important that the workforce will face Barca in the best way possible. First, because Nippon arrive in the country after a game of strength and importance of Real Madrid, the rival par excellence of the Blaugrana, and second because the semi-finals will be practically around the corner, as they are scheduled for Thursday December 15 when the team arrives at the earliest on Sunday 11 after a flight of more than thirteen hours driving nearly 11,000 miles.

Thus, the Barcelona only have three days before the game adaptation of the semi-very short time according to experts generally advise a day's stay in the country of arrival by hour apart and we're talking at least seven hours of offset. In addition, the jet lag will still be wreaking havoc on more than one player, so the situation when aligning the best team can be a real headache for technicians, especially bearing in mind the consequences that can produce the game in Madrid.

For now only two known potential rivals: the neozalendés Auckland City and Monterrey Mexican.

Pep Guardiola thinks Pedro Basin as a second

The road from Cuenca in the club Isaac can follow a similar direction to that of Pedro Rodriguez. Their characteristics are not identical, but Pep Guardiola believes that Reus and has a point of maturity similar to that of Tenerife when it exploded in the first team in 2009-10.

Low up front, with Peter, Alexis and Afellay in dry dock, has left a gap for Isaac, whom Guardiola thinks providing opportunities, at least the next four games: Mallorca, Viktoria, Atheltic and L ^ Hospitalet. Then comes the international break and Santpedor expects to recover the canary and Chile, although the performance of Cuenca in these meetings would enable it to continue under the leadership of Pep.

Unlike other young talents, the Barca coach assesses how the striker had to tan away from under Barcelona's youth teams and has not been identified previously as one of the hypothetical future cracks. A case similar to Peter. Isaac came to 18 Barca, in its second stage, having acted in the youth of Reus and Damm. After a great season with Barca Honor Division, Luis Enrique had not won it and return in the hard fields with the Second Division B by Lluis Sabadell Carreras. Despite playing in the Nova Creu Alta, Guardiola lost track of him and was very aware of their evolution. In conversations between Tito Vilanova and Racing on behalf of Basin and its progression out on several occasions.

Isaac was instrumental in the rise of Sabadell. His contribution to the collective gear was more decisive than his goals. In 32 games scoring five goals. Last year, the Junior A, twelve had scored a team that was in Ruben Rochina his great scorer. Peter also won a place in the first team since the Second Division B with Luis Enrique. He scored ten goals, his record in the youth ranks of FC Barcelona. Therefore, his scoring was uncovered once took the first team. On Tenerife, like Isaac, arrived at the youth club, with 17 years and cut his teeth for four seasons between itself and the Second B Third Division.

Cuenca has confessed admirer of Peter, whom he considers a role model. Both know how hard to reach and disciplined work is essential to reach the top.

Mascherano, the new leader of the Barca defense

Javier Mascherano says he never would have imagined playing in central Barcelona, ​​but that opportunities in life "you have to grab them as they come." Known as 'The little chief' for five classic status in Argentina, Guardiola sensed the past year `Masche conditions did you have to be a quarterback on defense. It happened on April 12 against Shakhtar Donetsk. Pep had tried before Busquets, since Puyol's injury forced to find new solutions. Mascherano quickly proved he had legs, order and serenity to lead the defense. Together with a couple Piqué highly coordinated consolidated a position where they have settled this season to take gallons of great Leader. The thirteen games he has played so far have all been in the heart of the defense being the most minutes accumulated in this area.Guardiola was quick to praise the Argentine. "It is a central luxury, the best in Europe." This course Pique and Puyol how often have you limping established as the leader of the defense and it has the Pep extension in the field. No other player to take things so fast, says the coach. In the field of corrective exercise formidable is separated enough from the central one when the team attacks and creates superiority in the race. Shrink space on the retreat back and no other player in the template with the ability to 'tackle'.

Mascherano has been uncovered as a player striving, energetic, especially committed to the group.In the dressing room is a leader and eventually became spiritual leader of the international sector. In recent times it has 'turned' with Alexis. Messi is one of the players who most seek to break the Argentine when doubts.
The numbers of the team in season this incident speaks clearly the fundamental role of 'little chief' in the best league's defensive gear. And Barcelona are third in the domestic competition, but only conceded four goals, two less than Madrid, second in the table. Mascherano is a Barcelona player has the ball more than ever in the Age Pep and averages 0 Do 44 goals conceded per game.Masche became also one of the players with the most minutes on the set of Guardiola. Is third in the Champions League and fifth, which added 630 minutes in seven games ahead of other defenses as Abidal, Pique, Puyol. He played also three matches of the two Superocopa. There is only one defense to play more than him: Dani Alves.
Convinced of being privileged to be part of this team, never raised his voice when Guardiola entrusted a role in defense. "It also has nice things to play in this position. Barcelona has forced me to learn. Of course one gets better when you add minutes. I'm getting more comfortable. "

Jorge Lorenzo on his father: "I feel ashamed"

Jorge Lorenzo , MotoGP, has responded to the words of his father in which harshly criticized Marco Simoncelli , who died recently.

The Spaniard, just after the funeral of the Italian said in his twitter that "Back home after the sad day when Marco's funeral. I thank the reception the fans have given me. As his family ".

For this reason, continues to Lorenzo, "that still makes me feel more ashamed when I read the comments out of tune that my father is doing . I hope nobody thinks that I agree with what he says , because that unfortunately we could have spent any of us. "

Jorge Lorenzo's words come as a response earlier his father, Chicho, which alluded to deficiencies in the "mental work" of Marco Simoncelli , who died on Sunday at the Sepang circuit , and referred to the "other falls" who had suffered the Italian before the "fatal accident" in Malaysia.

According to the father of the Spanish pilot, "the bikes are the responsibility of a youth who is not ready."

Second victory for Real Madrid and Barcelona in the Euroleague

The Real Madrid and Barcelona garnered his second victory in the first phase of the Euroleague, by winning respectively the Emporio Armani (85-78) and Asseco Prokom (88-61), on a day which fell in Bilbao Basket the court of Nancy (87-73).

Barca does not spare the Asseco Prokom

The Regal FC Barcelona scored the second victory tonight in the regular season in a comfortable game against Asseco Prokom (88-61) and remains undefeated in a duel in which stressed Lorbek (20 points), Navarro (14) and Huertas (11) and in which there was time for the debut of the squad Perez, but with excitement until the second quarter when the Poles came to get ahead on the scoreboard.

The Catalans were in a trance party by over-relaxation and, I must say, for an unusual success from the line of three Polish champion.

Barca were better Holders However, with the heads on track and headed by Juan Carlos Navarro is not wrinkled at any time, Xavi Pascual demonstrated superiority on the track assigned to them from outside.

And is that when the Prokom took the lead in the mail, well into the second quarter (28-30 and 30-33 thanks to Triple Gee and Zamojski), Barça responded instantly with partial crushing 17-1 for be thirteen loosen up and no longer to have the victory in the bag and secure.

The BBB can not with the Nancy Batum

Rudy Fernandez with 17 points, Jaycee Carroll , 21, and Sergio Llull, 13, knocked on the Armani Milan and Real Madrid got their second win in two games in the Euroleague. The meeting, however, was not easy for Pablo Laso, who were unable to foreign men Scariolo team, especially Cook, Hairston (18 points) and Nicholas, 24. The whites had to sweat blood to claim his second victory and applied thoroughly to trace 13 points with Rudy and Llull by setting up the Magic Box. Ibaka made ​​his debut for the club, but only played three minutes and did not score.

Worse fate befell the Bizkaia Bilbao Basket , which failed to score his second win at being defeated Thursday in the court of Nancy Basket Sluc by 14 points (87-73) thanks to a dismal fourth quarter in which the Vizcaya came to fit together a partial shocking 15-0.

The difference, in any case, was excessive punishment for the Bilbao Basket, judging by how the first three quarters elapsed. But they failed to manage Katsikaris income to enjoy, which came to be up to six points, and lost his temper when he needed peace, Nancy played to a comfortable lead that he learned in the last section and with rudder sign Nicolas Batum (26 points and 36 assessment).

The project 663, the revolution of Ferrari in 2012

Aggressive, innovative and risky . This is the Ferrari of Fernando Alonso in 2012. The Italian team has spent months working on your future car, for now dubbed Project 663 , and although its design is a state secret in Maranello, already know a few lines of the car:

Tyres. A Ferrari this year cost him understand the behavior of the Pirelli. The 150 º Italia took too long to heat them and suffered with the harder compounds. In 2012 not make the same mistake. Warming the tires from the first round, which is essential for the qualification will be a mainstay.

Suspensions. It will change the traditional rear suspension push rod by rod pull system that Red Bull has been used successfully since 2009. Lowers the center of gravity of the car and raise the back. Increases grip, especially in cornering. McLaren already copied this year.

Aerodynamics. The Achilles heel of Ferrari. Conservative design has been a resounding failure. 2012, working in an innovative chassis and aggressive lines that provide more downforce. It will affect the front of the car. In Korea has tested a new front wing.

Motor. There is little room for maneuver, but it aims to reduce consumption to start the race with less weight.

Weekend Optimism key to save the season

The second day of meetings of the owners and players union in the NBA , he maintained the momentum of understanding in the negotiations for the agreement of a new collective agreement and after eight hours on Friday decided to restart them.

As was concluded early this morning when 15 hours of work and both sides expressed optimism at the progress made ​​in relation to specific points in the system of wages and contracts, negotiators were confident of the future.

The meeting ended when the union could not assess the issue of revenue sharing because its working group was not the economist who can supply a detailed analysis of the owners who were going to discuss.

It is expected that the union has managed counterparts negotiable points of the system and on Friday to accept the 50 percent that offer owners in the income distribution, seven points below what they got with the old.

Both sides discussed developments in sections such as the salary cap and said that this Friday may be a key day in the process of reaching an agreement.

The players' union director Billy Hunter said after the meeting if it believes may reach an agreement on Sunday or Monday next, still can play the full schedule of 82 regular season games, so that the players receive their full salary contracts .

Meanwhile, Commissioner Stern said: "We have not set a specific date to see if you can meet the full schedule of competition, since before the most important thing is to get an agreement . "

What both parties are already clear is that if this weekend or by Monday, have not reached agreement, the cancellation of more games will be inevitable.

Leaving the meeting, Hunter reiterated that the distances are shorter, but that everything would depend on who has the NBA receptive if you want to get it.

For its part, the union president Derek Fisher, tried to defend that they had made progress, otherwise they would not have been so long together.

The deputy commissioner Adam Silver, said that not only is the revenue sharing issue unresolved, but other relating to salary and hiring system .

Messi ex-girlfriend assaulted by her mother

A new scandal surrounds the Argentine soccer star, Lionel Messi . Argentina reported a model of the player's mother attacked her with a frying pan. Macarena Lemos Argentine media revealed that the mother of 'Leo' the attempted assault with a frying pan in hand and the other a cell phone. Here's what the girl said: "One Sunday afternoon, with my mom this, my aunt, who was chasing me, taking pictures, until I turned around and asked if something was wrong and began to insult me." "I never said I was with Messi in private, much less ... I said I liked ... she was chasing me with the phone and the pan, then I turn around and say, something happens, I had two CD's in hand and good insult to my person, my mom before I tried anything, I tried to anybody, that I hang on the backs of her son, she thinks I said something to a magazine, I said nothing .. . " Macarena Lemos The model today walked briefly with Lionel Messi at the time of the 2006 World Cup after they met in his hometown of Rosario. And even though they had long ago broken Messi's mother, apparently, still has some kind of grudge against her because according to the video and the statements of the girl's mother Messi followed by an entire electronics store with a frying pan last Sunday.

Turkish derby rivals without spectators in the stands

The Turkish football derbies are played without spectators rivals to prevent disturbances, starting with the Besiktas-Fenerbahçe to be held tonight at the Inonu Stadium, reported the Turkish sports press.

The decision was taken by leaders of these two teams estambulíes in the context of a meeting of the Security Council Sports Government Delegation in Istanbul.

"The agreement between both teams the same way, Besiktas fans can not attend the match between Fenerbahce and Besiktas to be held in the second half of the league in the Sukru Saracoglu Stadium," said the manager of Besiktas Orhan Saka.

According to the Turkish press in the coming days will take similar measures for the matches between the so-called "big four" ( Fenerbahçe, Galatasaray, Besiktas and Trabzonspor ), although this should enter into the negotiations the Union Club, as the fourth Istanbul team is not only in the northern Trabzon.

"This is a decision taken by the four biggest teams. That's why we respect it. Do not think it will be no injustice if the major parties do not allow the entry of rival fans, as they apply to all (the big teams ) alike, "said Fenerbahçe coach Aykut Kocaman.

The amount of 1600 tickets were sold for the meeting tonight through Fenerbahçe will be returned to their buyers.

Real Madrid will play against Osasuna at 12 am

The match between Real Madrid and Osasuna at the Santiago Bernabeu for the twelfth round of the Liga BBVA, will be held at 12.00 am on Sunday November 6 , as announced by the president of the Football League (LFP), Jose Luis Astiazaran.

"Everything has been written that the Real Madrid or Barcelona will play in the morning never is a lie . In fact, I can announce that the Real Madrid-Osasuna will play at midnight and morning, "said Astiazarán in 'Breakfast European Sports Press', sponsored by ADO, Liberbank, State Lotteries and Gambling (LAE) and Repsol.

Real, who had never played in that time at home, had done so as a visitor . On three occasions and Lightning in Vallecas (in 1977, 1989 and 1995).

"With Real Madrid will enjoy many nights, evenings and mornings of soccer." With that phrase Florentino Perez has assessed the new schedule at the Bernabeu.

"Sacrifices" for fans

Jose Luis Astiazaran, has acknowledged that the new schedules governing the La Liga this season "carry sacrifices for the fans", but asked for understanding this new "way to search revenues" outside our borders as "being in the most high demands sacrifices. "

"Currently there are nine operators that broadcast television in Spain LFP parties. Some schedules involve sacrifices for the fans, but everyone should understand that being in the highest demands sacrifices," said Astiazaran.

Florentino Perez: "Leading the team we have the best coach in the world"

Florentino Perez , president of Real Madrid, said the Portuguese coach Jose Mourinho , "which is at the helm" is, in his opinion, "the best" technical "the world". The maximum white president praised the Portuguese during the opening of the International Sanitas Sports Medicine 2011, throughout the day will bring together many of the best doctors in the world in sport."At the head of the staff we have the best coach in the world , and several of the best players the world. In this sense, the health of our players are in good hands, "said Perez to, among others, Richard Fessler and doctors Niek van Dijk, who operated on Gonzalo Higuain and Cristiano Ronaldo, respectively. One day after Real Madrid's win at Villarreal, who won 3-0 at the Bernabeu, Real Madrid president said the equpos and audience will enjoy the "days of good football." Finally, he was very pleased with the evolution of the Argentine striker Gonzalo Higuain ."Higuain each day is best. The health of our men are in good hands. The contribution of medical care is critical to our players. I thank you all," he said.

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