Saturday, October 29, 2011

Messi is reaffirmed by putting a hat-trick at Mallorca (5-0)

The Barcelona responded with a win at Mallorca (5-0) after two days with wet gunpowder, and its star, Argentine Leo Messi , back on track, with a remarkable game with a hat-trick of goals. In the absence of Messi goal mark in recent weeks, returned to speak of the Argentine, who only cares for his instincts and football, the finest expression. One more night in the Nou Camp, the Argentine border it with three goals in the first part, which entrains the club a new triumph. The Barcelona again dared to raise a party , leaving three defenders (Alves, Mascherano and Abidal), putting Messi behind three forwards and two unusual extreme, as were the Brazilian Adriano, and young Isaac Cuenca.

On the right side, he held the young Catalan was where the boat started to tip over much of his offensive game, which was right in the center basin, with Alves back to give you choices, like Messi, who moved with total freedom for all the offense behind FC Barcelona. Despite an expected party control exercised was expected to Barcelona, ​​was Joao for Mallorca who at 6 minutes was on his feet the first goal, which unaccountably missed when he was frank but topped off center. In the next minute, Barca said, but again David Villa Messi sin of homage, as the Spaniard had a clear shot and opted for a pass he did not expect the Argentine.Villa was not your night with clamorous errors, as when he stood alone in the 16 to Aouate and shot to the chest. Ultimately replaced. Messi, steady as usual, this night was more accurate passing and in combination with their peers, so he was more motivated and aware that the previous games, in which he saw how his work had little awards, including the goal. 

After Cuenca send a new center poisoned the center of the area, finding an auctioneer, in 13 Messi also tried a delayed Adriano center of the head, but found Nsue hand .The penalty Messi transformed it (1-0), who addressed the camera to celebrate both, with the fingers: 1, 2 and 3, coincidentally the number of matches was unchecked. However, like a premonition, end up being the three goals he scored in the first half. After scoring the 130 in both the League and keep only one of the legendary Ladislao Kubala, on 21 minutes a new center of Cuenca found again shot from Adriano, this time quite bad and the foot and the ball ended up at the feet of Messi, who scored the second goal from the center of the area (2-0).Barcelona, ​​without making a great game , and with no midfield Xavi (in the stands), Iniesta and Fabregas (on the bench both), had no problem controlling the game, but not be as incisive in attack. Just half an hour, the club sentenced left the party with the third goal. Was preceded by a great play by a pass to Messi and Thiago, which is bundled with another pass when he had a clear shot. On the rebound, Alves sent the ball to the center of the area deflected Messi to score his hat-trick (3-0). 

The Mallorca avoided the room shortly afterwards when Joao from the ground and beat goalkeeper touched the ball enough to clear it after an accurate shot from Adriano. There was hint of reaction from Mallorca in the second half, that despite the two changes (Crespi and Zuiverllon entered by Ramis and Tissone) returned to her state of submission and see them come. In these, the young Isaac Cuenca received the ball inside the area four minutes, dribbled to the goal and scored the fourth goal (4-0) at night. It was the sentence, if at Mallorca lacked any sign that anything could do in this game. Barça took a last feast, this time with the changes ordered, finished with a midfield consisting of Keita, Mascherano and Thiago, Puyol and Pique recovered, which entered the second half and Barça ended with two ends of the house: Isaac Basin and debutant Gerard Deulofeu. The party ended with a goal by Dani Alves after a hard shot from outside the area, having drawn a foul on Messi was caught in the midfield.


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