Friday, October 28, 2011

"Rafa is not a technical virtuoso like Federer"

Toni Nadal, uncle and coach of world number two Rafael Nadal, is convinced that the perfect player combines the best qualities of Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer with a strong mind of his nephew.

"The perfect player would ease coordination and Federer hitting, tactics and sacrifice of Djokovic and Rafael mentality," he said in an interview in the magazine FHM Bionic'',''which includes Europe Press.

The coach denied that his pupil's play depends on both the physical as they say. "As the years have passed its technical condition has improved. What is not a virtuoso like Federer? Clearly. But you can not think their games based on the physical. That's lack of common sense," he said.

While acknowledging that at times has been very demanding for the Spaniard, has always believed that "how far the slack." "I have been hard with my nephew for the fact that my nephew. With other players I was not so hard. We must be demanding full access to the sites up and not settle for ever," he said.

"It is essential mno always be satisfied"

As explained by the coach, the greatest strength of Rafa Nadal, his mind, feeds the continuous desire to improve. "I like to train as needed. All my life I have been very important to talk and motivation, not only for parties, but to move forward. It is essential that you are never satisfied with what you've done," said .

In fact he is convinced that it should be "the tough-minded" and "highly concentrated" to devote himself to tennis, "basically a mental sport," but believes it is an aspect that can be trained. "Rafael has never thrown a racket to the ground because, first, I had bothered to economic and, second, mentally, because it means surrender to adversity, and that I have not allowed before," he added.

On the other hand is aware that the serve is still the unfinished business of Mallorca, but Nadal has recognized that "a further difficulty" to be clever and play with his left foot. "And the train does not transmit well below the upper body, such coordination is difficult for him and it costs more to have consistency in the service. But his mental condition is so strong that it believes that, for many years that will cost improvement, will continue working, "he said.

In addition to his technique of serve, Nadal fighting for six years with the physical discomfort. "Rafael had a problem in 2005 in his left foot. There was to get some templates that supports change and that made his body suffer various problems, and there is nothing to do but to adjust to playing with pain and discomfort," he resigned.


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