Saturday, October 29, 2011

Arrives to Barcelona 'Evasion Running', a new concept of shop

The offer of 'Evasion Running' is structured in 3 areas: 'running', trail and triathlon. Your salespeople analyze customer footfall to determine what make and model that fits your foot, do test products, good nutrition, shoes, etc.. and training with buyers to understand their feelings.

In addition, the 'runners' who want to improve their records or any person who intends to enter the world of 'running' has the possibility to join the 'Blue Line Evasion Running', a community of riders who race prepared at different levels.


At the opening of the store, located in Avinguda Sarrià-9, was attended by athletes from different disciplines. Fauritte Michel, head of the chain, and Sergio Martinez, store manager of Barcelona, ​​acted as hosts and presented each of them: Mario Mola, world triathlon champion in junior category, Miguel Quesada, a specialist in 800 m ., Sergio Garcia, 1500 European runner-up in 2007, the marathon Leiva Jaume, the innkeeper Carles Castillejos, hurdler Jackson Quinonez and Cristina de Medrano athlete.

The party was entertained by a DJ, ended with a big surprise: a flashmob to the rhythm of 'The Eye of the Tiger'.


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