Tuesday, October 25, 2011

'Queen may return if he shows repentance': Tena

Alfredo Tena, coach of America, considered to be separate team Angel Reyna was fair, as the team must lay the foundation for the future, but acknowledged that if the player shows true repentance will have no problem accepting this. "I think so is correct (the penalty), violated the rules of coexistence, I was shocked when I said, I heard the statements, then I had to take action, as I said, if we fail to qualify must leave very clear basis for next tournament, "he said.

"I had no problems with Reyna," says Mosquera At a press conference in Coapa facilities, the strategist said that in the team, "there is a regulation match for anyone, who served time there was action, any player who signs a contract is given its own rules and knows that there is no turning back, exercised and Angel is out." "You have to save the rules of coexistence, transgressed, in every society must have rules for healthy living there, he passed them and was punished. It is separated indefinitely, do not tell him I do not know (if comes), in training not we considered for jobs, either (U-20), "he said. He said that such measures should be taken if we really want to build a solid foundation for the team begins to function as such and leave the mediocre living. "It's a good player, but it must be first well hence the rules for starting a good thing, maybe you can lose in the court, but in the long run until the computer work as a team," he said. He said that the former player Necaxa should offer an apology to his teammates and could accept it back if he accepts he was wrong.

"The must (the apology), but certainly was hot (when statements) should be an apology, if I see that shows a real repentance and desire to continue in the club could take him into account, "he said. Asked if he had noticed that Reyna had problems with some of his companions, the "Capi Furia" rule have been aware of this situation. "No, was true that he had an outburst, it works well, did not notice that someone had problems with was heated was wrong, but would have no problem in accepting it again, "he stated. He ruled that the punishment be the beginning of a clean team to give the forthcoming tournament, as this is a task that belongs only to the policy making. "In my case I do not think to clean or something, not my role, I'm the coach, with the squad to let me work I do not know if the leadership is thinking of the new campus, "he said. Finally, in order to match against Santos Laguna on Wednesday, said the Ecuadorian striker Christian Benitez will make the trip, but it is a fact that is taken into account.


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