Thursday, October 27, 2011

The permanent voracious Yankees and Red Sox

FAILURE equipment billionaires this year has not taught anything. Walk around looking for the Red Sox left-hander CC Sabathia. That's because John Lackey will be outside the 2012 season due to Tommy John surgery. We will make CC an offer up to 92 million for four years who despised the Yankees.

THE OTHER hand, in the Bronx are quick to re-sign their general manager, Brian Cashman, for no Bostonians take him.Chasing the Yankees three pitchers ...: lefties CJ Wilson, Rangers free agent, and Mark Buehrle, White Sox from, plus the right Japanese Yu Darvish, who must acquire Nippon Ham Fighters of ... By the way, gather in Tampa Yankees executives, included Cashman, to plan the 2012 season. The first thing is to accept the agreed one-year option with the fielder Robinson Cano, which will cost 14 million . for just three and half million dollars sold to all Philadelphia Athletics, a day like Today, in 1954. The buyer was Arnold Johnson, Kansas City, where he led the team.

And tomorrow will be 80 years has been awarded the first title in the American League MVP, achieved by Lefty Grove of the Athletics, who won 31 games that year, 1931.* the worst performance by a pitcher was reliever for the Royals, Vin Mazzaro, 16 May. Against the Indians threw 2.1 innings, he hit 11 hits, one was run, walked three walks, two strikeouts left, threw a wild pitch, he scored 14 runs all clean, and needed 77 pitches for his seven outs. The first in the history of allowing 14 runs without ever three innings. Oh, and allowed more runs that one night he scored a few Mariano Rivera all year (13) . BABE RUTH was the largest bigleaguer in Yankees history, according to readers of USA-Today. 53 out of 100 voted for him this week. Second Lou Gehrig, 17%, third Mickey Mantle, 12%, fourth Joe DiMaggio, 11%, and fifth Derek Jeter, 7% . The area of the Rangers is the fifth in U.S. investment in television advertising. The Cardinals' is the number 21. TV Tuning lowest in a World Series was the last year, Giants, Rangers. Now, without being too high, Fox-TV is doing well


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