Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ferrero: "My goal is again to be among the best"

The tennis player Juan Carlos Ferrero said in an interview conducted by the followers of the official Facebook page of the Valencia Open 500, that his main goal is to return to be among the best and said he is convinced he can achieve if you respect the injury. " My goal is to return to be among the best and I'm sure if physical respects me and I have luck with injuries, I'll get, "said Valencia player, whom injuries have pursued in recent years . "It motivates me to play in the tracks and especially do well, as I have shown in recent months. I know that through hard work and effort getting the results and see how after working so much and overcome difficult times things get better is the greatest motivation there is, "he said. Asked if he feels optimistic about the Valencia Open 500 , a tournament that starts next weekend and that Ferrero is one of the owners, said: "I'll be more motivated than the tournament never ", especially after failing to participate in the edition of last year and fell in the first round two years ago.

"In part by the success I have achieved lately, including the U.S. Open. I do not under any purpose but did not rule out doing something great. I'd rather not think about whether I am favorite to win. I think what I do is go game by game, "he said. Ferrero, who won this year in Stuttgart , acknowledged to play in Valencia is always special. "If it's always nice to play in Spain in Valencia imagine it, and also in a tournament like this, with a center court as the Agora, in an incredible place to your audience. I feel at all times the warmth of the people. It's very nice and special, "he said. On the central track installed inside the Agora , the former world number one said it was "amazing" to play there. "But I do not mean just me, I tell everyone who comes to play here. Many times I hear comments about how spectacular is the place itself and especially the fact of playing in this track." tennis player who reached the top of world tennis in 2003, said that this achievement has given him an indescribable feeling. "I remember like it was now even though it has been more than eight years. I felt I was fulfilling a dream through hard work and sacrifice. Values ​​that I believe are essential to succeed." When asked what gave him more satisfaction if winning Roland Garros, Davis Cup and reach the world number one tennis player replied that the three, although he acknowledged that perhaps something more Grand Slam victory in the French "because I had 4 years reaching the last round and was like something was stuck. "


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