Friday, October 28, 2011

The big deal: everyone wants to win with the debut of the Formula 1 in India

Greater Noida (India). (Dpa) .- This is a big business, and nobody wants to be outside. Neither automobile manufacturers nor the country itself, much less the "strong man" of Formula 1 , Bernie Ecclestone , all seek the Grand Prix in India will perform at its best. Rarely is there so much overlap in Formula 1 as given this time: there is almost no market more important than India for consortia to compete in the outskirts of New Delhi, the brand new circuit in Greater Noida. Long ago that teams and their sponsors want to be part of the huge economic boom of the Earth's most populous after China. The race is "very important" for Mercedes, told dpa chief engine of the company, Norbert Haug. "We know that Formula 1 will be received with great enthusiasm in India," said Haug. For the German manufacturer, beyond the sporting aspects, this time in play opportunities. "There is a dynamic middle class and a rapid growth in the automotive market," said Haug. The figures speak for themselves. The growth in the market for luxury cars was in India in 2010 of between 70 and 80 percent compared with the previous year. In a country of 1,200 million people moving limousines 15,000 may seem a modest figure, but India is a rising Tremeda. Supported by its presence in Formula 1, Mercedes wants to surpass BMW. "India is an important market for us that is growing rapidly, and our colleagues in the country Appropriate use, with our help, the premiere of Formula 1," enthused Haug, representative of the only German manufacturer of cars left in the Formula 1. Even greater are the dimensions in the sale of small cars in India: in 2010 were about two million, up 31 percent over the previous year. "In the coming months we expect a further increase of between 14 and 16 percent, "said spokeswoman SIAM, Rinki Verma, a few months ago. The prognosis and was overwhelmed, because so far this year the increase is 32 percent. So, no wonder that all equipment Ecclestone support in her bid to "new territories" in Formula 1. also for India, where cricket beyond just no room for other sports, the debut is an opportunity. Although they are making the leap from developing country to economic power, there are still enormous social differences. Whereas, for example, the team leader-Force India, Vijay Mallya, boasts of his billions, New Delhi in the giant queen in large parts a huge poverty. The Indian per capita income is not even about $ 1,400 year, and Mercedes says it hopes to improve the situation by Formula 1. "Economic growth in India will join the Formula 1 will help create new jobs and alleviate poverty," said Haug.


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