Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sergio Garcia's record is not filed

The official statistics of European golf tour, Steve Doughty, confirmed that the 257 blows that led to Sergio Garcia to victory in the Castellon Masters "not registered" on file for use in the winter tournament rule (placing ball).

The lowest score in European Tour history was established by the Thai golfer Taworn Wiratchant in Indonesia Open 2005, with 255 hits.

However, this figure is not considered official because he played winter rules (placing), as well as overall strokes made by the Spanish Sergio García Castellón.

The 257 blows of Garcia appear with an asterisk (ball placement) in the section on "facts and figures" on the European circuit, but not the file of records.

Although it rained during the weeks before the tournament in Castellón, ball placement was due to that part of the journey, especially in the first nine holes, keepers of the field paid but forgot to water the grass.

Some areas of grass was burned and irregular surface, as revealed by Garcia himself in the same field in the Mediterranean Club.


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