Friday, October 28, 2011

Mary Basque: "It takes a change in the leadership of the Federation"

It is training with the sole aim of the London Olympics, an event that is fast approaching for athletes: "The time flies. We do not have to rush but I can not sleep, "says the athlete Viladecans.

The British will be their fifth game, quite a feat, but she feels more than capable, "I'm old, but for this sport is very important maturity. I am much stronger mentally. Physically I have to do is recover well from training and not training to do so many races, "he says.

Ensures that the poor performance of the Daegu World of the Spanish delegation did not press more than face up to the Games, "Every one gets the pressure. This is an individual sport and honestly I think of myself. Among all, if you think about it and try to do my best, try to do a good job for our country's medal, "he argues. Her goal in London is clear: "Making history again. I am on the podium. A medal would be a last, "says Mary to remember that there will be his farewell:" Surely will endure for another year, but not at the same level. Not so engaged professionally as now. Now combine work with sport. Would make a training day and then to work. " Go to work, but the Catalan athlete does not know yet what to pursue: "I think in London but also in my future. I've been going 26 years now I have to find work. Now I'm wondering what I would do. Surely be related to the sport, but no coach. I do not know if it would, but I do not see myself doing coach. I love marketing, fashion, beauty Even if it has nothing to do with sports. I think I can give my experience a lot of sport, but I do not know through what channel.

Maria says that athletes can not live apart from the problems plaguing society: "The theme of the crisis we have it all unless you're a player or drive a Formula One to me this year I have not done too well, I have a scholarship and very sad. I this year I can go through DKV Seguros. If not for them would be a year very, very, very hard. It is a pre-Olympic year when I should be thinking only prepare for the London Olympics and I have to be aware of how to make a living. It is very strong. It is contradictory, "complains the walker, the only Spanish athlete with an Olympic medal.

`Basque warrior says what things by their name, not hidden. He complains about how to take athletics in the Federation: "We need a change in the leadership of the Federation. As athletes are demanding change is also needed in the Federation. There are other eyes that otherwise focused primarily because sometimes it feels that the blame for the medals are not just athletes. We are the first to want the medals. We are the train and yet sometimes we receive a scholarship that is crap. In addition, each year we have to go renew while they do the federation did not have to renew a scholarship, "he said with some degree of indignation.

Do not mind being in the federation, but in the driving section, and if something would change the federal system is the system of scholarships: "We have to renew a scholarship every year and this is a very big psychological pressure. The scholarships would be renewed every four years, for example showing each year a minimum, "he reflects after stating that" I would not be president of the Federation, but being in the driving section, "said the Catalan athlete in March, Championship of Spain, London Square to look for "so and forget and focus on preparation," he says.


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