Thursday, October 27, 2011

Mascherano, the new leader of the Barca defense

Javier Mascherano says he never would have imagined playing in central Barcelona, ​​but that opportunities in life "you have to grab them as they come." Known as 'The little chief' for five classic status in Argentina, Guardiola sensed the past year `Masche conditions did you have to be a quarterback on defense. It happened on April 12 against Shakhtar Donetsk. Pep had tried before Busquets, since Puyol's injury forced to find new solutions. Mascherano quickly proved he had legs, order and serenity to lead the defense. Together with a couple Piqué highly coordinated consolidated a position where they have settled this season to take gallons of great Leader. The thirteen games he has played so far have all been in the heart of the defense being the most minutes accumulated in this area.Guardiola was quick to praise the Argentine. "It is a central luxury, the best in Europe." This course Pique and Puyol how often have you limping established as the leader of the defense and it has the Pep extension in the field. No other player to take things so fast, says the coach. In the field of corrective exercise formidable is separated enough from the central one when the team attacks and creates superiority in the race. Shrink space on the retreat back and no other player in the template with the ability to 'tackle'.

Mascherano has been uncovered as a player striving, energetic, especially committed to the group.In the dressing room is a leader and eventually became spiritual leader of the international sector. In recent times it has 'turned' with Alexis. Messi is one of the players who most seek to break the Argentine when doubts.
The numbers of the team in season this incident speaks clearly the fundamental role of 'little chief' in the best league's defensive gear. And Barcelona are third in the domestic competition, but only conceded four goals, two less than Madrid, second in the table. Mascherano is a Barcelona player has the ball more than ever in the Age Pep and averages 0 Do 44 goals conceded per game.Masche became also one of the players with the most minutes on the set of Guardiola. Is third in the Champions League and fifth, which added 630 minutes in seven games ahead of other defenses as Abidal, Pique, Puyol. He played also three matches of the two Superocopa. There is only one defense to play more than him: Dani Alves.
Convinced of being privileged to be part of this team, never raised his voice when Guardiola entrusted a role in defense. "It also has nice things to play in this position. Barcelona has forced me to learn. Of course one gets better when you add minutes. I'm getting more comfortable. "


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