Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Is it too much punishment and expulsion penalty in football?

The Working Group of the FIFA president Franz Beckenbauer who concluded that the "triple sanction" penalty, red card and suspension is too severe and suggested that the referees should be more lenient with the players who commit a penalty.

"A penalty is sufficient if it is a simple lack or an entry when you try to catch the ball but you're one second late. If you make a violent misdemeanor, it would be a red card anywhere in the field, then penalty and red card " Beckenbauer said after four hours of meeting at FIFA headquarters in Zurich.

The 20 members of the working group agreed to apply the "triple sanction" (penalty, red card and suspension) only in case of misconduct too harshly and to punish red card every player maximum penalty that prevents the hand a goal near the goal line .

The rest of misconduct within the area will only be sanctioned by a penalty and yellow card, as proposed by the working group, which raises the same punishment for the goalkeepers trying to catch the ball fouls to sweep away an opponent.

"The aim of these measures is to facilitate and standardize the work of arbitration and the decisions they make them fairer, "said FIFA, which said it will draft the Rules of the Game with these decisions to be sent as a proposal to 'International Board ', the agency that regulates them, for your next meeting in March.

The panel, which includes also the Brazilian Cafu, Frenchman Christian Karembeu and Italian Massimo Busacca, head of FIFA referees, sees a need for more clarity in the offside rule in relation to players who do not are actively involved in the attack, and decided to discuss in its next meeting in December .

The working group also discussed the use of communication devices on the bench and agreed with the decision of the agency responsible for the rules of the game that do not allow the use of such devices in the field.


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