Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Kanoute, suspended one game after attacking Fabregas

Mali striker Frederic Kanoute (Sevilla), expelled the last Saturday in the league match drawn by his team on the ground of Barcelona (0-0), has been suspended one match by the Competitions Committee of the Royal Spanish Football Federation ( RFEF). Kanoute , as reflected in the minutes arbitration was sent off after 89 minutes of play for "grab the neck and then push an opposing player (Cesc Fabregas) before the execution of a penalty kick." The Sevilla later presented submissions to the Competition Committee, with evidence quality video in defense of his player, insisting among other issues in an alleged "manifest error in the arbitration act." "Certainly, reviewing the images of the play, the number 4 (Cesc Fabregas) of Barcelona directed some words to the Sevilla player, but it is less than this, as described by the referee on the record, 'grab' or the neck (the semantic nuance is irrelevant because the substance is the fact grab) and after you push "is printed on the legal basis for the decision of the Competition Committee.

The Committee, therefore, adds that "weighing all circumstances surrounding the move," he "understands the penalty provided for a party for infringement contained in Article 123 of the RFEF Disciplinary Code, that is, per game violent. " Said section 123 ("Violence in the game") reflects that "a violent place on the occasion of the game or as a direct result of a cast of it, whenever the action originates risk, but there will be no harmful consequences or harmful, is punishable by suspension of one to three games or time of up to one month. " The Kanoute match suspension for a violent place with another player also carries a fine of 90 euros accessory for your club and 600 euros for the player. In addition, the Competition Committee has suspended a meeting with three other players: Married (Rayo Vallecano) and Chico Flores (R. Mallorca), accumulation of expulsions, and Fernando Navarro (Sevilla), for two bookings and subsequent expulsion. On the other hand, has decided to annul the arbitration of disciplinary warnings that were Marco Ruben (Villarreal) and Javier Marquez (RCD Espanyol). In the section on "coaches and assistants" has been suspended two games Altimira Merce, Barcelona trainer Aurelio ". "fitness coach of FC Barcelona D. Merce Altimira Aurelio was ejected in the rest to follow over the tunnel goalkeeper protesting that he took time to resume the game, "stated in the arbitration record.


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