Tuesday, October 25, 2011

"Archi" Solis accused "Canelo" Alvarez beat in street fight

World champion flyweight International Boxing Federation, Ulises Solis , filed a claim for aggravated assault against Middleweight Champion of the World Boxing Council, Saul Alvarez . Ulises Solis palticó with fans and told what happened: "Today the came the morning while running 'Canelo' and accused me that I was with the mother of his daughter and hit me. I think I have two fractures in his jaw and two teeth knocked me also can not see very well. As I passed I immediately to the hospital and raised the complaint, "he said.

Archi "Solis stressed that it was the' Cinnamon 'and not a brother Saul Alvarez who attacked him:" How can I know which is the' Cinnamon '? if when he was fighting in my billboards preestelar " he explained Solis. The 'Archi' said Alvarez tried to calm him that did not know his ex-wife, but nothing worked, for he went to fisticuffs. "I do not need any of this for fame, for my work I won me. It is a very serious what he did and now says it was not him who was his brother. This happens when one has a reputation that does not deserve, "he concluded. According to medical reports, the 'Archi' will undergo operation . They are just rumors, that no matter the other hand, Saul broke the silence and declared on his Twitter account ( @ caneloOficial) : "Just do not tell q q believe everything they tell the truth or not speak to me nor q q do but just wanted to clarify q is not true. " Reinoso Eddie coach 'Canelo', dismissed as to claims in the week said he will make a news conference.


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